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In Monday’s DITL we had a cray-cray day of organizing the chaos of too many places to go and to many things to do – dropping kids off, picking them up, donating a car load of stuff, grocery shopping, taking some items to my MIL’s garage sale, folding a million baskets of laundry and trying to work around Mike’s weather depended schedule. But, alas, we got it all done and fell into bed feeling accomplished and grateful.

In Wednesday’s video I shared my May favorites! Here are just a few of them if you want to check them out:

In Friday’s video I walked you through I set up my War Binder (aka prayer binder) and how I used it to keep my prayer life organized. I have ALREADY had such amazing responses to this video and it literally makes my heart swell. To GOD be the glory! It is so fun how we can each inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves we can be! I love our little FarmhouseFull community we have here.


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Favorite Photo of the Week

I’ve also been working my way through a photo challenge over on Instagram. It’s been a fun way to connect with other mommas on that platform.

{#routine} I am ever thankful for this #mundane #morning with my crew. #itisagift everyday that I get to be their mom, to help them grow and learn, to wash their clothes and their feet, to guide their step as well as their hearts. Those simple mundane, routine moments are what a lifetime of blessings is built on. I am reminded of how fast those moments slip through my fingers as I look at my curly headed 1 year old while my oldest sits in his first #driversed class today 😱.

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Other happenings:

BIG stuff is happening here in my WAHM life! I am gearing up to release my Nicci Lynn Doll Pattern! This is the pattern I created for my Nicci Lynn Handmade crochet business and these dolls were a top seller. I ALWAYS had a wait list for them! Now you can crochet them too and even sell them in your etsy shop (I charged $85 for them and they sold out immediately each time!). It is such a fun way to capture your little girl’s look and personality in handmade doll that they will treasure forever! Check back MONDAY for the pattern! I am hoping to have it live by then!

I also shared my EASY daily skincare routine over on Farmhouse Oils FB page.You all KNOW that it has to be easy and fruitful for me to keep at it and this skin care routine is LEGIT!


Farmhouse Family Weekly Favorites:

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