Weekly Wrap Up | June 17-23rd


New Videos:

Did you catch this week’s new videos?

In Monday’s DITL, Mike and I FINALLY test drove a Ford Transit! We have been wanting to test drive some options for when we decided to replace our family. The Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter are at the top of my list, but the Sprinters are super hard to find around our area. The big decision is whether we want to save up for it or take out an loan for it. I HATE DEBT, so there’s that little hurdle…

In Wednesday’s video I walked you through 10 tips for a clutter free home. As a chaos coordinator for 10, these tips are put to the test daily!

In Friday’s video I shared a FREE printable, shareable and downloadable PDF unit study on The Statue of Liberty and Immigration. I love doing these and I love sharing them with you for FREE even more. #momshelpingmoms

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Favorite Photo of the Week:

The first sweet sips of (official) summer are here and I couldn’t be happier. Fireflies are creating magic at dusk, sunsets seems to cast the perfect glow and everyone falls into bed with dirty feet, full hearts and tired bodies. We lay aside formal lessons this time of year and soak in the intimately tactical, sun kissed lessons of free play infused with boredom that produces the best kind of creativity. I try not to mourn the idea of its brevity, but I know that these passing moments are but a whisper that need to be savored now. Who else loves the relaxed flow of summer and the nostalgic vibe it embodies?

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Other Happenings:

Mike and I are getting back into HARD. CORE. BUDGETING. Like, bounce a quarter off my budget, know-where-every-cent-goes budget! As our income is increasing we want to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with. Our ultimate goal is to be able to live off only 50% of our income and the rest be able to use to give back to be a blessing to others and to build a long term financial stability. So why not do a little grocery budget challenge? I am challenging everyone who wants to spend $100-125/month/person for the month of July! WE CAN DO IT! That leaves us approximately $250 per week! My practice week went well and I am feeling pumped to pull this off!

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Did you download my FREE unit study? There are TONS of FREE resources in this unit study! It is so cool how you can practically homeschool for FREE in this day and age!

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