NO-Aluminum, Non-Toxic, EASY, Natural, DIY Deodorant


Ever google “aluminum in antiperspirant”? It’s kind of scary what problems have been potential linked to clogging your sweat pores with aluminum for decades on end. But let’s be honest… I smell like a the bad end of an onion if I go with out and that’s a little bit of an issue too. While I am a bit crunchy I an not THAT crunchy. So, what’s a girl to do? Make my own!

I wanted to test this recipe for several weeks/months before bragging on it, but I am pleased to say that it is AMAZING! Everything I have ever wanted in a DIY/Natural deodorant

  • Made from easy to find (CHEAP) ingredients
  • No annoying processes making it (Mix and go)
  • Easy to apply
  • I DON’T stink with it!

I do apply it before bed and in the AM – but really I had to do that with my Rx strength DO too (Yeah, I am THAT smelly… hanging head in shame)


(Remember to use PURE unadulterated oils for this so you don’t end up putting something else potentially harmful in your body) HERE is more info on my company of choice!

Also, I add in 3 drops of Clary Sage, BUT if you are pregnant or plan to be – omit the Clary Sage. It is the one oil that is not wise to use while pregnant until you are in labor or FULL term as it could encourage contractions.