Mom and Dad’s Place


Back in February I instragramed this photo:



My parents bought a sweet little red farmhouse that had sat empty for years.

The one RIGHT next to us… as in a hop, a skip and, quite possibly, not even a jump away from us!

This old four square a few hundred feet from our home once belonged to our neighbors who became dear friends. We were so sad to see them go. They had become almost family and I still miss their everyday presence from our lives. But God moved them onward and there sat their little red farmhouse. Built in the early 1900’s and solid as a brick-you-know-what-house. It had a few outbuildings that accompanied it and a GORGEOUS Georgian basement topped with a wrap around porch.

It finally went up for auction in February and my parents literally STOLE it. I am so happy the did. It has been such a blessing to be just a short walk from my parents and the kids are enjoying being able to visit “Gramma and Papa” easily.

IMG_4238{To Grandmother’s house we go… literally!}

So here’s a little video footage on our trip to grandmother’s house: