Our Boho Farmhouse Master Bedroom Tour


We finally finished our master bedroom makeover, and I am so excited to share it with you! Like school-girl-with-a-crush excited. I was going for Boho meets Farmhouse with a little West Elm inspired mid-century modern mixed in for good measure.

It turned out even better than I EVER expected!

Mike and I have been talking about making over our master bedroom for YEARS. It is the ONLY room in our whole house we never even attempted to decorate.

That’s sad, you guys!

It should be our sanctuary. I mean, we have EIGHT kids, for crying out loud. We need an oasis!

BUT it also needed to function as a workspace for me. In the last two years I have been slowly moving my accidental brand into a more intentional enterprise. We gave up our 6th bedroom to my daughter, so we no longer have an office space. Therefore our master bedroom needs to act as our oasis and my office.

Here was our list of needs:

  • uncluttered space (I am ADHD and visual clutter destructs the ever living life out of me)
  • still needed to find a place for everything we needed
  • desk areas that didn’t look obtrusive or kill the modern boho farmhouse vibe I wanted to create
  • keep the antique vanity
  • pull in more bold colors, but at the same time lighten the room up so it was brighter
  • have a functional yet beautiful place for a TV (we wanted a place to hide away and watch a movie on our own!)
  • incorporate plants and pops of green
  • no more matchy-matchy furniture *gag*
  • mix the farmhouse style with mid century modern with a boho vibe
  • keep it budget friendly
  • keep furniture purchases to a minimum (use what we have)

That’s a lot to deliver, right? Yep. I even sought the advice of a good friend, Laura, from Her brothers and I went to school together, and she married a good friend and co-worker of my husband, so we were like old friends even though we had only really talked on IG and Facebook before this. She also has impeccable taste and posts gorgeous, drool-worthy photos of her 90’s home that she is in the process of renovating. You can find her HERE on Instagram and HERE on her blog Making our Haven.

Along with all that going on, she is a master furniture flipper. When I wanted to just grab a new dresser, she encouraged me to keep scouring Facebook Marketplace and thrift shops.



I found a beautiful solid birch TRUE mid century modern dress for $50. Thankfully the guy who had it posted a photo where you could just barely tell it was a mid century modern piece and only if you were REALLY looking.

It was such a score! Totally worth the $50 and the REALLY gross item I had to step over in the lawn of the apartment complex that I picked it up at… I know, I know. You are all now wondering what it was I had to step over. Trust me, you don’t want to know!

While it was a gorgeous piece, Laura knocked it out of the park with this furniture flip! Click HERE to see the details of what she did to it!

Check out the process she transform this dresser. CLICK HERE!
Isn’t it gorgeous?


I had saved a few Pinterest pins of what I refer to as “shelf desks”. It was my attempt at a boho style desk, AND it checked off my budget friendly box as well.

I love how my rendition turned out. Simple. Understated. Function. Boho. Check, check, check, and check. I used cheap craft boards for the majority of it and an aspen edge-glued larger piece for the desktop. I even added these boho-inspired bookends! Our oversized, giant office chair was also replaced with a comfy, yet sleek leather rolling office chair.

I even found a place for my Farmhouse sign on the desktop.


We have installed shiplap in a few areas of our home, and I wanted something simple, yet farmhouse-y to jazz up two walls. I did a whole post on how to install shiplap HERE if you want a step by step breakdown.

Bedroom Furniture

Fourteen years ago when we moved into this house we purchased a dark and heavy (and expensive) furniture set.

This was our room RIGHT before the makeover. It seems SO dark and dull.

At the time black furniture was all the rage. Fast forward and I wanted something less dense and much brighter. Selling it all and buying new (second hand) was my first thought, but that wasn’t horrible budget friendly. Then, my brain got to thinking.

Nightstand Makeover

Our traditional style nightstands screamed 2005. All we did to revamp them was:

Bed Makeover

We decided to ditch the foot board and paint the just headboard with the same chalk paint as we used on the nightstands. Both the nightstands and the headboard were finished with this to protect them. We also got new bedding. The sheets we picked out feel SOOOOOO luxurious and expensive and were SUPER budget friendly. The Amazon reviewers raved, but I honestly was still surprised with the quality of these sheets for the price. The duvet cover we splurged a bit on the geometric duvet cover. At least I thought it was a bit spendy, but then again I tend to be chea.… ahem… frugal. THIS all weather duvet is what we slipped inside the cover.


I KNEW I would probably kill a real fiddle leaf fig, so I opted for an artificial one and found a really great one on amazon. I also added a cute faux succulent – not because I thought I would kill it, but just because it was cute and I was at hobby lobby and I threw it in my cart! Not all the plants in our new room are fake though. A corn plant towers next to my desk, a z plant is perched on my shelf and an Aloe Vera plant sets on my nightstand.


This rug was an amazing find at $150 and it pulled all the colors together amazingly well. I am so happy with it.

Wall Art

I found the two pieces by our beds from Hobby Lobby and their wall art was 50% off at the time. YAAASS! The only other items I purchased were 3 simple frames from Walmart and a paint by number which I am IN LOVE with and matches the colors of my room perfectly. It hasn’t been painted yet, but am super excited to put it on my wall. This is the exact one I got. Isn’t it so pretty?

Mirror/Guitar Corner

Having a little corner with a dressing mirror is so much fun! The mirror was super inexpensive and plastic (although it appears to be wood) and from Walmart. I may ended up replacing it with a larger scale one that similar if I can find one that’s budget friendly. The furry stool and rug were from Hobby Lobby on sale as well.

Lamps and Pillows

We got THIS bedside lamp for Mike’s side at Walmart and THIS ONE for my side from Target. I love them both, but mine is a bit of a spotlight and super bright. The throw pillows we got from amazon. I purchased these pillow inserts and they are really high quality for the price. For the covers I opted for a green velour one and two macrame ones to up the boho vibe.

I am so happy with how it turned out! What is your favorite style for bedroom?

Do you like modern over traditional or farmhouse over industrial?

Or, like me, do you like to mix it all up?