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Life Update and Blog Changes


I’ve been doing this blog/vlog thing for a LONG time. I think we are about 15 years into this little internet space of mine. Not long after I started, more than just family and friends came over here to read this blog. After realizing that a LOT more than friends and family were reading, I decided to take down my original blog to protect some of my family’s personal information. When I did that, I basically restarted from scratch only saving the name, A Farmhouse Full. I then started to incorporate video into the mix because it seemed to fit me better.

After all these years what I have shared with you all has morphed, changed, and grown as I have. I started to do some thinking about what I wanted to focus on in my little corner of the internet. I settled on rural living with the emphasis on all things home: homesteading, homeschooling, home cooking, home projects, and homemade. Most of my interests fall under one of those categories. With that said, most of what I will be sharing from here on out will be within the borders of those things. I also wanted to update you on some ongoing around the farm since this summer I took a little break from this blog and from my youtube channel.


Barn – This summer we set up a new barn on our property. I plan to share more about that in upcoming posts and videos and about the cost of that project.

New Horses – The reason we needed the barn is that I finally pulled the trigger on a 30-year dream of mine. We got 2 horses! And not just any old horses, these are unbroken, wild mustangs. My daughter and I will be saddle-breaking these beauties over the course of the next couple of months. Talk about a thrilling project!

Pasture – We are also working on getting some pasture put in for our mares to graze on. The goal is to fence in about 2-3 acres in 2 separate plots so we can rotationally graze them.


Public school – My third born is a high schooler now, and he has wanted to play high school football for our local public school for quite some time. This year he gets his chance! He has been going for about a month and is enjoying playing junior varsity football.

Planning – I did it! Finally! I planned THE WHOLE YEAR before school started, and I am still using my customizable planner. I have heard from so many of you that you will be using the same planner again this year because you loved it so much last year (when it launched). The cool thing about my planner is that it will serve you FOREVER! No matter how many kids, how many days a week you school, or if you plan on the computer or like to pen everything in by hand- I got you covered! Click here to purchase it for your family!

I also still have my Teaching Handwriting Made Simple e-course for sale, too! This is a beautiful way to incorporate all ages into the same time slot and teach penmanship while strengthening creative writing, phonics, commonly confused words, and spelling. Click here to purchase!

Home Cooking

Bread – I am finally back to baking bread again after taking a break. I recently released an everyday bread tutorial for you guys. Click here to watch.

Canning – I am canning a lot more than I did last year at this point. Next year will be an even bigger year for our food preservation. The world is a crazy place right now and food security is never a bad idea or an unwise investment.

Home Projects:

Pond – We are still using our pond A LOT and this year was an amazing season for it. It was clear all year and amazingly refreshing. The natural swimming pond was one of the best things we have done here at the farmhouse.

Greenhouse – Our little, lean-to greenhouse has also been a great project, and it was a lot less expensive to do (even when lumber was really high in the spring). We used it to start seeds, dry towels, and I hoping to DIY something so we can use it as a solar dehydrator in the summer as well.


Crochet – I am STILL planning on finishing the crochet course for you guys! My plan was to finish over the summer when I wasn’t homeschooling and had more free time. Then in the beginning of summer I ended up with an avulsion fracture of my finger joint. After that finally healed (8 LONG weeks later), I sliced open my other hand with a food processor blade while making an angel food cake. Soooo… It is still coming, albeit a little later than I hoped.

I also plan on putting some crochet tutorial videos up on my crochet YouTube channel and my crochet IGTV as well. I already have a few including one that walks you through making super cute and farmhouse-décor-worthy crocheted pumpkins. Click here to see that video and get the free pattern.