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Kids’ Birthday Gift Ideas


Even with a ton of kids, Mike and I sometimes struggle to come up with unique birthday gifts for our children.

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To make matters more crazy, half of our family’s birthdays fall in a 6 week period in the summer. The last of those birthdays will wrap up next week, so I thought it would be a great time to review some of the gifts we have purchased as well as some others that we have considered.

We usually do our shopping on Amazon because, lets be honest, it’s easiest way to shop. I don’t have to put on a bra. It is delivered to my door, and review on everything. Walmart is our next go-to because it’s close, and they have just about everything. While we love to gift experiences, we also like to wrap something and watch them open it. Here are some great gift ideas that are kid and parent approved.

Gift guide for 2-12 year olds:

2-3 year-olds

  • Balance bike – We purchased the last two children these, and they are amazing! Our 7th child was riding a two wheeled bike without training wheels at 3 years old thanks to the balance that she learned from this kind of bike!
  • Stem Building Set– I love toys that engage the brain. Toys like this are multi-faceted and are open ended. They can be turned into anything with a little imagination!
  • Water Drawing Mat – The fun of markers without worrying about your 2 year old going rouge and penning a masterpiece on your beige sofa…
  • Wooden Parking Garage – We’ve actually purchased two of these exact parking garages because we loved it so much. Once for our third child as a toddler and again for our eighth child as a toddler.

4-6 year-olds

  • Play MarketThis is the exact market Georgia got for Christmas, and she LOVES it. All of her crocheted play food is stored in it. She runs her own “cafe” out of her room on a regular basis. Printed menus and play money complete the experience. All in all it has been one of the best large gifts ever.
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  • Fashion Tracing Plates – I had one of these as a child and LOVED it. We purchased the Melissa and Doug version for our oldest daughter when she was little and it kept her busy for long periods of time.
  • Trampoline – The key for us is anchoring it well (we live in the WINDY Midwest) and we have lost 2 already due to not being properly anchored. We even used a heavy duty anchoring system! I will share in a later post about what the best way to anchor a trampoline in case you live in a windy area, too. The other trampoline must for us is a sturdy cage. This one even has a basketball hoop!

7-12 year olds

  • Paint by Numbers – My girls (8 and 11) have been loving these this summer. The key to paint by numbers is to get ones that aren’t super intricate. Also, upgrade to nicer paint brushes. Here is the wolf and frog canvases my girls completed this summer and both turned out really well!
  • Hover Board – My husband actually talked me into splurging on this for our 11 year old’s birthday. She is LOVING it and is already quite proficient at it! It even has built in Bluetooth speakers, so it can play tunes while you ride.
  • Science Subscription – This is something that we are using for homeschool, but if you have a child that loves a good science experiment this would be an amazing gift. Each box contains 2-3 chemistry experiments and EVERYTHING needed to complete them. That is a sanity saver, moms! Its open-and-go science experiments delivered to your door. I have partnered with MEL Science this year and can even offer you 25% off your first box. Click HERE to grab that offer or use coupon code AFARMHOUSEFULL.
  • Walkie Talkies – My daughters have this set of walkie talkies and they have held up well to heavy use and abuse. They also come in a variety of colors. Keep in mind these are NOT rechargeable so buy bulk batteries while you’re at it.
  • A Legit Art Set – Sure, crayola crayons are okay for 3 year olds, but up the ante for your budding artist and grab them some decent art supplies. My son got a lot of use out of a nice sketch pad and a set similar to this one.
  • A new bike – We have been in the business of upgrading old bikes our kids have outgrown. The cruiser style has been a favorite of our girls. This is the one my 11 year old has, and this is the one my 14 year old has. I have ridden the latter one several times and am contemplating upgrading my old mountain bike to the exact one she has.

YES, I realize there are more than 12 ideas, BUT there were some I just couldn’t leave out!

What are your favorite gifts for kids?

Here is the video that shows a few of the items we have gifted our kids! In the video I also shared a few of my husband’s gifts as well. Here are the links for those items:

Cal 7 Skateboard:
JBL Bluetooth speaker:
KIDS doormat: