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    Life Update and Blog Changes

    I’ve been doing this blog/vlog thing for a LONG time. I think we are about 15 years into this little internet space of mine. Not long after I started, more than just family and friends came over here to read this blog. After realizing that a LOT more than friends and family were reading, I decided to take down my original blog to protect some of my family’s personal information. When I did that, I basically restarted from scratch only saving the name, A Farmhouse Full. I then started to incorporate video into the mix because it seemed to fit me better. After all these years what I have shared…

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    Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2021-2022

    It is time for another year of homeschool (already!) This will be the beginning of my 15th year of teaching my children, and each year that number grows it makes me really the saying, “The days are long, but the years are short” hit the very CORE of my heart. While I have eight children total, one is graduated and one is in public school, which brings my total class size to six. Student Roster: Andrew – GRADUATED in 2020 Maddie – 11th Micheal (Public School) 9th Faith – 8th Georgia 6th Ezra – 3rd Cora – 1st Cypress – Pre K In the last few years, we have settled…

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    Printable Memory Cards

    My printable PDF memory cards make memory work easy! Just print and cut! I have 4 sets to choose from and they can be purchased independently or together as a bundle to save money. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BUNDLE AND SAVE (all 4 for $12.00) Click the individual photos to purchase them separately. US History Bible US Government/Geography Math and Grammar

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    2019-2020 Homeschool Curriculum Picks

    I am excited to share with you my large family homeschool curriculum picks for 2019-2020 with you! This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Organization This year I am keeping track of all my curriculum and lessons in my custom homeschool planner! I released this digital product earlier this year, and so many of you are now using it for your homeschool! It is the ONLY planner that has worked long term for my ever changing family! I print it at home and use this tool to bind it at home as well. The cool thing about the pro-click…

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    Homeschooling, Public Education and Fear

    When I shared on my Instagram last week about my son’s first day of public school, I got a few concerned messages from fellow homeschoolers and public-schoolers alike. Now before you go picturing my son as a little boy with a book bag that is bigger than he is and his first day of school consisting of paste and crayons… He has facial hair and a drivers license. He stands several inches above me and will be 17 in a few short months. He is entering public school as a junior. Still, the concern came from followers of mine who knew all those facts. I DO understand their side of…

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    5 Homeschooling Hacks to Make Learning Fun!

    Being that I am a homeschooling mom, teaching my kids is, well, kind of… my job! BUT it can get monotonous sometimes. Today I am going to share with you five easy and seamless tips to keep learning fun and also fit into your daily life. This post contains a giveaway, so make sure you read to the end! This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. 1. Cook with your kids. Cooking is something we already have to do three times a day! Include your kids. Cooking is a life skill they will use forever. Do we really need…

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    Quitting Homeschool?

    I’ve shared informally that my oldest, who is 16, will be attending public school this fall. Many of you were curious why and how we came to this decision. This post will share some of our reasons. AJ is our oldest. He will be 17 at the end of this year. Wow, even typing that seems crazy! This is the same boy I have homeschooled since he was 4. He is almost a legal adult now. Keep in mind, even though I have 8 kids, I am ALWAYS a first time mom with him. We jokingly tell him he is our guinea pig child and, at best, we are winging…

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    Perpetual Homeschool Planner

    AHHHH!!! I am so excited! My perpetual, customizable homeschool planner has launched, and I am so pumped to get it into your hands! It’s the planner I have been using with my large family for years now, and I just know you’re going to LOVE it too! Please note there are TWO versions of this planner. Both are included with your purchase. #frugal  The editable version requires Microsoft Excel to open and edit. The other version is a PDF. Keep in mind you CAN edit PDFs with free PDF editing programs online if you would like an editable planner but do not have Excel. You can purchase it by clicking…