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    Homemade Eggnog and Sugar Cookie Recipe

    It’s Christmas time, and one of my family’s favorite traditions is baking sugar cookies and making homemade eggnog! Today I am sharing with you my homemade raw eggnog recipe and also, my grandmother’s (modified) sugar cookie recipe. I hope your family loves them as much as we do! I also mentioned my Etsy shop in this video! If you didn’t already know I am a long-time crocheter. I design crochet patterns as well as sell finished items. If you would like to purchase a pattern or a hand-crocheted item, check out my Etsy shop HERE. Click HERE for the sugar cookie recipe PDF. Click HERE for the eggnog recipe PDF.

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    Life Update and Blog Changes

    I’ve been doing this blog/vlog thing for a LONG time. I think we are about 15 years into this little internet space of mine. Not long after I started, more than just family and friends came over here to read this blog. After realizing that a LOT more than friends and family were reading, I decided to take down my original blog to protect some of my family’s personal information. When I did that, I basically restarted from scratch only saving the name, A Farmhouse Full. I then started to incorporate video into the mix because it seemed to fit me better. After all these years what I have shared…

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    Everyday Bread Tutorial

    I’ve been baking our everyday bread on and off for about 14 years. I started when my oldest was a preschooler, and he will be 19 this year! While I am not an expert on pretty much ANYTHING, I have learned a lot along the way. The most important thing I have learned, and I try to communicate with my followers, is – YOU CAN DO THIS! You don’t have to know everything to start! Just start! Wisdom and experience come with, well, experience… and failure. Another important idea is that failure is a better teacher than success can dream of being. So, yes, you’ll probably mess up a time…

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    Sourdough Starter Tutorial

    Why, oh why do we over complicate the heck out of easy, simple stuff? Are we just bored? People have been capturing wild yeast and making naturally leavened bread from them for thousands of years. Before modern day kitchen scales and even before super accurate measuring cups. Creating a sourdough starter is simple. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You WILL need a few things though. Wide mouth glass jar or other glass or plastic https://amzn.to/2OHPyAG Lid for your container https://amzn.to/3eMXzit Wooden spoon https://amzn.to/3eMXzit Flour Water (if you have city water with chlorine added it may not work as well, or it could work just as well… I don’t really…

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    Freezer Cook or Not?

    I may lose my “large family” card, but I really don’t freezer cook. GASP! If you came here for instructions on how to cook 489 casseroles at once and for me to give detailed directions on how to thaw them and serve them, you might be in for a disappointment. BUT, if that *is* your jam, there are so many large family mommas out there who are freezer cook champions. If you like to freezer cook and want resources to do traditional, large batch freezer cooking, Jamerill is your go-to girl! She is the large family freezer cooking MVP. She can be found on her website The Large Family Table…

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    Berry/Spinach Smoothie Recipe

    This smoothie recipe is such a hit with my whole family even though it gives them a good serving of SPINACH! Yep, nobody is the wiser – I still have to hide when I add the spinach for some of my more picky kids… SHHH, don’t tell them.   I use a vitamix blender to make these smoothies. If you don’t already have one they are AMAZING! I resisted spending the money (they are kind of pricey) for it for YEARS and finally got it as a birthday present for myself a few years ago and it was some of the BEST money ever spent! I got mine on Amazon,…

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    Baking Hack: Zucchini Crisp | Zucchini Cobbler | Zucchini Pie

    Anyone else have zucchini coming out of their ears right now? Our garden is literally OVER GROWN  with weeds (think Jurassic Park, like never coming back). YET STILL, the zucchini is thriving like cockroaches after an apocalypse. Sometimes I forget to pick them before they are way too big. I usually shred them and make up some amazing zucchini muffins that are included in my e-cookbook. BUT… I get bored of zucchini muffins after I having made 4-5 large (8 dozen) batches. So we switch it up here a bit. Did you know zucchini can masquerade as apples if you do a little knife work and coat them in a…