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    Love is a Verb

    Love is a verb. It doesn’t always resemble the curated love stories and the filtered and posed images we are bombarded with daily. It’s more than one dimensional. It’s a complicated action that takes on many forms. Sometimes love is gentle and meek. It looks like the way you help scoop up the pieces of daughter after her first real break up and remind her of her strength even thoughthe enemy is whispering lies of her weakness to her. It’s when you finally just give in and say, “I am sorry,” because you’re BOTH in the wrong, and being right never feels as good as it does when you’re enveloped…

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    Printable Memory Cards

    My printable PDF memory cards make memory work easy! Just print and cut! I have 4 sets to choose from and they can be purchased independently or together as a bundle to save money. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BUNDLE AND SAVE (all 4 for $12.00) Click the individual photos to purchase them separately. US History Bible US Government/Geography Math and Grammar


    Our Large Family Christmas Traditions

    Christmas 2020 is upon us, and our Christmas traditions will hit full-on “go-mode” starting tomorrow. Tomorrow marks the official start of our homeschool Christmas break. In celebration, I am sharing our large family’s favorite Christmas traditions. Tree The first weekend of December marks the beginning of Advent and also my oldest son’s birthday. (He turned 18 this year which is CRAZY to think about.) The first weekend of December is also when we usually pick out a tree and decorate it. Some years we go all out and hang enough ornaments on our tree that I can almost hear its branches begging for every-living mercy. Other years we only do…

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    An Open Letter to my Teenage Son on his 18th Birthday

    Today my oldest child turns 18. Legally an adult. I still can’t grasp that fact. It doesn’t seem like the sand in his childhood should be shedding its last grains into the bottom glass. I am a mix of so many emotions. There is the sigh of relief that the ball is fully in his court now and the pang of anxiety surrounding that same realization. He will now (for the most part) will be sorting out his mistakes on his own using his still green life lenses. There is the vain longing for all the spent time back again. To fix my own mistakes and re-live all the beauty…

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    2019-2020 Homeschool Curriculum Picks

    I am excited to share with you my large family homeschool curriculum picks for 2019-2020 with you! This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Organization This year I am keeping track of all my curriculum and lessons in my custom homeschool planner! I released this digital product earlier this year, and so many of you are now using it for your homeschool! It is the ONLY planner that has worked long term for my ever changing family! I print it at home and use this tool to bind it at home as well. The cool thing about the pro-click…

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    Homeschooling, Public Education and Fear

    When I shared on my Instagram last week about my son’s first day of public school, I got a few concerned messages from fellow homeschoolers and public-schoolers alike. Now before you go picturing my son as a little boy with a book bag that is bigger than he is and his first day of school consisting of paste and crayons… He has facial hair and a drivers license. He stands several inches above me and will be 17 in a few short months. He is entering public school as a junior. Still, the concern came from followers of mine who knew all those facts. I DO understand their side of…

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    Basket System Organization Hack

    I shared a while back over on my YouTube channel (are you subscribed? If not, click here!) about my life changing 3 basket system! It is an organization hack that allows you to be 100 times more efficient at cleaning up, and it will ALSO put your kids in charge of keeping up with their own toys. ALL WITHOUT NAGGING! Seem too good to be true? Think again! The reason this hack works wonders is because it is SUPER easy to implement! With a family of 10, things get left out constantly. We need to have consistent “pick up times” to combat the clutter. Our usual pick up times tend…

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    5 Homeschooling Hacks to Make Learning Fun!

    Being that I am a homeschooling mom, teaching my kids is, well, kind of… my job! BUT it can get monotonous sometimes. Today I am going to share with you five easy and seamless tips to keep learning fun and also fit into your daily life. This post contains a giveaway, so make sure you read to the end! This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. 1. Cook with your kids. Cooking is something we already have to do three times a day! Include your kids. Cooking is a life skill they will use forever. Do we really need…

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    Kids’ Birthday Gift Ideas

    Even with a ton of kids, Mike and I sometimes struggle to come up with unique birthday gifts for our children. To make matters more crazy, half of our family’s birthdays fall in a 6 week period in the summer. The last of those birthdays will wrap up next week, so I thought it would be a great time to review some of the gifts we have purchased as well as some others that we have considered. We usually do our shopping on Amazon because, lets be honest, it’s easiest way to shop. I don’t have to put on a bra. It is delivered to my door, and review on…

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    When being a parent sucks…

    When being a parent sucks it totally sucks. I’m not talking about the physical demand of toddler-hood or the sleepless nights of infancy. That stuff is a cakewalk comparatively. It’s watching your older kids find their footing in the world when they choose a hard path. When they stumble but don’t want your help or input. When your council, no matter how high-caliper your experience, is rejected and thrown out like trash. When you remember how ignorant YOUR own parents seemed in your teenage-mind and you KNOW that the rebellious streak that ran through you flows fresh through a child you bore. The part that takes great faith is trusting…