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    An Open Letter to my Teenage Son on his 18th Birthday

    Today my oldest child turns 18. Legally an adult. I still can’t grasp that fact. It doesn’t seem like the sand in his childhood should be shedding its last grains into the bottom glass. I am a mix of so many emotions. There is the sigh of relief that the ball is fully in his court now and the pang of anxiety surrounding that same realization. He will now (for the most part) will be sorting out his mistakes on his own using his still green life lenses. There is the vain longing for all the spent time back again. To fix my own mistakes and re-live all the beauty…

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    Homeschooling, Public Education and Fear

    When I shared on my Instagram last week about my son’s first day of public school, I got a few concerned messages from fellow homeschoolers and public-schoolers alike. Now before you go picturing my son as a little boy with a book bag that is bigger than he is and his first day of school consisting of paste and crayons… He has facial hair and a drivers license. He stands several inches above me and will be 17 in a few short months. He is entering public school as a junior. Still, the concern came from followers of mine who knew all those facts. I DO understand their side of…


    Weekly Wrap Up

    New Videos Did you get a chance to catch this week’s videos? In Monday’s DITL we had a cray-cray day of organizing the chaos of too many places to go and to many things to do – dropping kids off, picking them up, donating a car load of stuff, grocery shopping, taking some items to my MIL’s garage sale, folding a million baskets of laundry and trying to work around Mike’s weather depended schedule. But, alas, we got it all done and fell into bed feeling accomplished and grateful. In Wednesday’s video I shared my May favorites! Here are just a few of them if you want to check them…

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    The Right-Now

    Today your curly head lay against my chest as you fell into your afternoon nap. As a mom of 8, I know how fleeting these days are. I know how bittersweet the quickness of it all is, but the years have also whispered wisdom into my heart: the wisdom that screams at me to soak in this short season. Because to mourn for the moment before or to reach for the moment to come robs me of the right now. If I keep that repertoire, stolen moments become all there ever is, and I have hoodwinked myself out of the beauty of my life. I have willfully traded it for…

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    Dear 8th Child,

    Dear 8th Child, One day you’ll be bigger than me. Your ideas and thoughts will be as wild and free as the wind, unique to only you. You’ll have sprouted wings and you’ll be standing on the edge of our little nest looking in awe at the big world that surrounds you. It will be exciting and terrifying and electric all at the same time. You’ll swing, at times, like a pendulum between boy and man. Between rowdy and responsible. You’ll have times where we, your parents, will be your soft spot to land and other times where the lies that we are against you will seem surprisingly true in…