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    Sourdough Starter Tutorial

    Why, oh why do we over complicate the heck out of easy, simple stuff? Are we just bored? People have been capturing wild yeast and making naturally leavened bread from them for thousands of years. Before modern day kitchen scales and even before super accurate measuring cups. Creating a sourdough starter is simple. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You WILL need a few things though. Wide mouth glass jar or other glass or plastic https://amzn.to/2OHPyAG Lid for your container https://amzn.to/3eMXzit Wooden spoon https://amzn.to/3eMXzit Flour Water (if you have city water with chlorine added it may not work as well, or it could work just as well… I don’t really…

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    Boho Modern Farmhouse Living Room Makeover

    YAY! I am SO excited to share with you our living room makeover! I mean, if you remember the gold duct tape holding together the red leather chairs that have been around for WAY too long, then you understand why I am so excited. Sectional or No Sectional? When we went all in and replaced all our living room furniture, we debated about getting several different pieces or one large sectional. The downside to getting a sectional is if we decide we don’t like it or want to rearrange the room later, we are kind of stuck. Also, there are only so many places sectionals can be placed in (even…

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    Freezer Cook or Not?

    I may lose my “large family” card, but I really don’t freezer cook. GASP! If you came here for instructions on how to cook 489 casseroles at once and for me to give detailed directions on how to thaw them and serve them, you might be in for a disappointment. BUT, if that *is* your jam, there are so many large family mommas out there who are freezer cook champions. If you like to freezer cook and want resources to do traditional, large batch freezer cooking, Jamerill is your go-to girl! She is the large family freezer cooking MVP. She can be found on her website The Large Family Table…

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    Our Boho Farmhouse Master Bedroom Tour

    We finally finished our master bedroom makeover, and I am so excited to share it with you! Like school-girl-with-a-crush excited. I was going for Boho meets Farmhouse with a little West Elm inspired mid-century modern mixed in for good measure. It turned out even better than I EVER expected! Mike and I have been talking about making over our master bedroom for YEARS. It is the ONLY room in our whole house we never even attempted to decorate. That’s sad, you guys! It should be our sanctuary. I mean, we have EIGHT kids, for crying out loud. We need an oasis! BUT it also needed to function as a workspace…

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    Love is a Verb

    Love is a verb. It doesn’t always resemble the curated love stories and the filtered and posed images we are bombarded with daily. It’s more than one dimensional. It’s a complicated action that takes on many forms. Sometimes love is gentle and meek. It looks like the way you help scoop up the pieces of daughter after her first real break up and remind her of her strength even thoughthe enemy is whispering lies of her weakness to her. It’s when you finally just give in and say, “I am sorry,” because you’re BOTH in the wrong, and being right never feels as good as it does when you’re enveloped…

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    Cheap and Easy DIY Shiplap

    Oh, shiplap! Thanks to Mrs. Joanna Gaines, it has developed a life of its own. Today I will share how to update any space in your house with a DIY cheap and easy faux shiplap project. Make sure you watch the video of installation! Select a location. Before we started we picked an easy place to install the shiplap. I try to avoid walls we have windows or doors because our trim is irregular. This would mean we would have to make intricate cuts to accommodate the trim or remove the trim and reinstall after. Neither of which we wanted to do. Remember the “easy” part of this project? What…

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    Printable Memory Cards

    My printable PDF memory cards make memory work easy! Just print and cut! I have 4 sets to choose from and they can be purchased independently or together as a bundle to save money. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BUNDLE AND SAVE (all 4 for $12.00) Click the individual photos to purchase them separately. US History Bible US Government/Geography Math and Grammar


    Our Large Family Christmas Traditions

    Christmas 2020 is upon us, and our Christmas traditions will hit full-on “go-mode” starting tomorrow. Tomorrow marks the official start of our homeschool Christmas break. In celebration, I am sharing our large family’s favorite Christmas traditions. Tree The first weekend of December marks the beginning of Advent and also my oldest son’s birthday. (He turned 18 this year which is CRAZY to think about.) The first weekend of December is also when we usually pick out a tree and decorate it. Some years we go all out and hang enough ornaments on our tree that I can almost hear its branches begging for every-living mercy. Other years we only do…

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    An Open Letter to my Teenage Son on his 18th Birthday

    Today my oldest child turns 18. Legally an adult. I still can’t grasp that fact. It doesn’t seem like the sand in his childhood should be shedding its last grains into the bottom glass. I am a mix of so many emotions. There is the sigh of relief that the ball is fully in his court now and the pang of anxiety surrounding that same realization. He will now (for the most part) will be sorting out his mistakes on his own using his still green life lenses. There is the vain longing for all the spent time back again. To fix my own mistakes and re-live all the beauty…

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    Free Crocheted Face Mask Pattern

    Because if I am going to wear a facecovering, it is going to be patriotic. #Merica If your state is like mine, and they enforcing the use of masks in public indoor spaces, I got you covered. Here is a free pattern for a face covering. If you want it to be more effective, line it with a disposable coffee filter or fabric liner. These little guys whip up easy and I have designed them in 3 sizes. Adult/teen, child and preschooler. Please remember NOT to put face coverings on children under 2! Click HERE for the FREE downloadable PDF Pattern!