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Weekly Wrap Up: August 5-11, 2018


I have slacked like crazy with the weekend wrap up! It’s been a month and while the itch to do a MONTHLY update it there I think I would overwhelm both of us.

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In Monday’s video I hit you with a little change to my YouTube channel. Most of you know that I am a homeschooling mom and the school year is the time I responsibility plate is heaping. Just to balance life, there will be a slight change to my YouTube routine. Check it out for the details:

Wednesday was my weekly DITL video. We had a day trip with one of our kids to spend one on one time with one of our children. It is always fun to pour into one kid at a time when you have an entourage with you most of the time. In a large family these times are so special. How many kids you you have and how do you spend one on one time with your kids? Let me know in the comments because I always like hear others’ ideas too!

On Friday I posted a “Clean with Me” video of our post weekend mess. We had a glorious weekend full of fellowship. A good friend of mine from Canada drove to IL and spent some time with me and my best friend at the farmhouse. My sister and her family also visited, so in total we had 14 kids playing all weekend at our home. It. Was A. Disaster! Also, our dishwasher wasn’t fixed at the time, so the dishes were not kept up on. I usually have my kids help, but there are times during the week that occasionally I just want to knock everything out myself and not have to direct and inspect chores from the kids. My husband and oldest daughter helped with the preschoolers (Cypress was sleeping), my oldest was mowing the lawn and the other few kids kept themselves busy. I really liked doing this kind of video! It was easy to film, I got my house clean in the process and editing it was actually pretty satisfying! Let me know if you would like to see more like this – because lets be honest – I clean A LOT in this house!

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Loving Father, please grant me wisdom, kindness, gentleness, self control and, when needed, patience as I am interacting with my children. Help remind me, in the moment, that EVERY encounter with them is an opportunity to model Jesus’ love and grace. Help me shower them with firm yet gentle correction and, at the appropriate times, grace. Keep me from belittling them for their sins or from having an overly critical eye. When I need to be firm in my reproof please grant me the wisdom to do so in a way that teaches them to do right and does not harden their hearts to authority, Amen.

I’d love to hear some of the prayers you pray often over your #mothering #children #parenting and #marriage. Put them below👇🏼so everyone can be inspired and encouraged!

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