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Thank you so much for you interest in my cookbooks! I have really poured my heart and soul into the food in them and also the process of writing, editing and photographing every one. Each recipe is a Farmhouse favorite here and can be put together easily from ingredients that aren’t hard to find and don’t cost a fortune. I sort of think of it as a throwback to grandma’s cooking: no fuss, no muss, lots of love and OH SO yummy. The recipes are already scaled to accommodate a large variety of family sizes whether you’re cooking for your newly birthed family or catering to a crowd (or your own “party sized family”). There is also a recipe doubling guide included in the download so that you can easily adjust your own existing recipes up or down according to your family size. I keep one taped to the inside of my baking cabinet and it is a lifesaver!

At $9.99 it is less than a dollar a recipe!


Baking the Basics


More recipe books to come!

(Pies and Pastries and Dinner Bell are in the works!)




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