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    Story of the World and Homeschooling the Woods Time Line Figures Resource

    After I posted my video on how we notebooked in our homeschool for history and science (video below) I had so many people ask what resource I used to line them up. I looked extensively online and couldn’t find one so I made my own for SOTW vol 2. (I reviewed both MOH and SOTW here and showed how I planned for it here if you want to check that out.) Today I wanted to share with you my chart (click here for it: Story of the World Volume 2 figures) that lines up the History in the Woods Time Line Figures (which I LOVE) with Story of the World Volume 2. I hope this helps…

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    Breathe it in…

    He is the most like me. He is the one I butt heads with the most. The one that first called me “mom”, and he’s growing up. He hangs somewhere in the midst between boy and man, lingering in each category for a while before returning to the other. Reminders of his boyhood like these sometimes catch me by surprise. I know they will become fewer and fewer. Car keys will replace small boyhood toys, a deep voice replacing his once squeaky coos. We’re in the phase of letting go. Very slowing letting go, but letting go all the same. It’s a stage I embrace and mourn at the same…


    Baking the Basics

    I finally finished up my first cookbook and I just know you will all love it! Filled with basic baking recipes that will quickly become staples in your home, each recipe is scaled several different ways making it ideal for any sized family. A Farmhouse Full’s Baking the Basics features: recipes already scaled small and large tips and tricks to make each recipe user friendly ingredients that are easy to find (most are probably already in your pantry!) and don’t break the bank a full color photograph of each and every recipe time tested recipes that have been made over and over again here at The Farmhouse. easy to follow…

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    Baby Haul: Cloth diapers and DIY stuff

    I shared some of Cypress’ new items that I have either purchased or made in my latest YouTube video. Items we purchased All cloth diaper supplies I purchased from Green Mountain Diaper 3 dozen cloth-eez prefolds in the size small (yellow edge) 3 Thirsties Duo covers mountain print aspen print woodland print 3 pack of snappis tuxedo tshirt onsie from Target Items I made: 54 dual ply flannel wipes Ergo Cover (look for the tutorial for that here) Hand stamped gauze/muslin swaddle blanket


    How to Jazz up your SSC Baby Carrier (Ergo)

    I have been eyeing all those amazingly cute print baby carriers lately and just love their personality. I’ve seen them in hundreds of awesome fabrics and in the back of my mind my plain ol’ black carrier seemed a bit dull. Maybe it was time to purchase another one? I mean, the black was fading a tad around the edges… I’ve used it for 5 kids already… They have made new versions and maybe I’d like a new one better… BUT, I just couldn’t justify getting rid of a perfectly great (comfortable, near flawlessly designed) Ergo and hand over upwards of $150-250 just because the other ones were cuter. I…

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    Homeschool History: Mystery of History, Story of the World, TruthQuest, Biblioplan

    Today I am going to try to delve into the details about the different home school curricula that have stolen my heart over the course of my 9 years of homeschooling. I feel like I have tried all the most well known ones (save for Tapestry of Grace). I am just going to dive in and give you an overview of each curriculum and the pros and cons of each. Then I’ll share which one we are using this year and why. Mystery of History: I own: Volume 1 and Volume 4, although I have only used a full year of Volume 1. Overview: Mystery of History is set up…

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    34 Weeks Pregnant with 8th Baby

    SIX more weeks, folks! ONLY 6! Although, the days where my feet are sore and my back is achy and I look in the mirror at night and see THIS HUGE thing…. …I think more along the lines of SIX more weeks? REALLY? Can my body realistically get ANY bigger? This weeks update vlog touches on quite a few things: My weight finally decided to budge. It hasn’t moved since before 28 weeks and it looks like I have gained 2-3 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Normally I gain like a girl training for a hot dog eating contest in the third trimester so this is new for me.…

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    Friday Viewer FAQ 7-8-2016

    I started doing these FAQ segments a month or two ago and they are a really fun way of getting to answer your questions! The questions topics range from one end of the spectrum to the other. Here are a list of what is covered in this week’s Friday FAQ: Would I allow kids to hang out with friends that are not Christians? Tips for getting a toddler to allow you to brush their teeth What is my ethnic background? What insurance do we have? What do we drive? (Van tour linked) How difficult was it planting in our B2E garden? How do I maintain a personal relationship with each…

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    Large Family Home Tour: Bedrooms

    Sleeping arrangements and room assignments in a family our size are topics I get asked a lot about. Room sharing, while something that used to be commonplace, is not as common today in the world of 4 bedroom houses coupled 4 person families. In bigger families or families with small homes room sharing is something that needs some consideration. We have recently changed up our room arrangements and thought we’d share what has worked over the years. In the first video HERE I discuss the evolution our house has been through starting from a 3 bedroom home holding a family of 4 to a 3 bedroom house holding a family…