My Makeup


Click here to see the makeup I use and to order it for yourself!

I use Seint for my foundation. It is applied a little bit differently than most foundations. I have filmed several tutorials on how to do it on my Instagram, but since they disappear, here is the Youtube video I posted to explain it a bit. I LOVE the result this foundation gives! I started using it in February of 2020 and haven’t looked back since. To I don’t sell it, but THIS is who I get mine from. She can also color match you for free to get you set up! Contact her through her Instagram HERE.

For reference here are the colors that I use:

  • Highlight: Wheat and Mango
  • Contour: Astoria
  • Lip: Frenchie
  • Cheek: Sandstone
  • Illuminator: Georgia
  • Bronzer: Bella

All the rest of my makeup is from the drugstore/Walmart.