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Magic Ring/Magic Circle Tutorial


Ever wondered how to get a really tight close at the beginning of a crochet-in-the-round project? A magic ring or magic circle allows you to get a really tight center without having to fight working through a tight stitch.

The idea of a magic ring or magic circle is that its a technique where you can easily work your first round of stitches in the same (large and open) center “stitch”. Then, when you are finished with your first round of stitches, close up the center tightly creating a very polished and cinched circle.

I use this technique in almost all of my projects that are worked in the round. It is simple to learn and you will find it very helpful ifyou make beanies or amigurumi toys.

Make your ring.

First, start by taking the tail of your yarn and placing over your hand with the cut end facing you and the end attached to the skein on the other side.

Next, wrap the attached end of the yarn around your two fingers once and then once more. The second pass should be closer to the base of your finger. It should also cross over the tail that is hanging.

Now, insert hook, facing down, under the first loop (loop closest to the tips of your fingers). Grab the second loop with your hook.

Pull the second loop under the first. As you do, rotate the hook toward your body until it is facing up (180 degrees).

This should make a small twist in your yarn. Having this twist in important.

Next, work a chain through the loop on your hook using the yarn still attached to the skein.

Work your first round of stitches.

This should form a secure loop of yarn in which to work your first round of stitches. Work the desired number of stitches into the loop (I worked 6 sc).

Then, simply pull the tail to tighten the ring!

Tighten and move to your next round.

Either slst to join the round or begin the second round of stitches in the continuous spiral technique. You are now ready to move on to your second round.

I hope that helps!

Check out this video tutorial of the whole process!