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Boho Modern Farmhouse Living Room Makeover


YAY! I am SO excited to share with you our living room makeover! I mean, if you remember the gold duct tape holding together the red leather chairs that have been around for WAY too long, then you understand why I am so excited.

Sectional or No Sectional?

When we went all in and replaced all our living room furniture, we debated about getting several different pieces or one large sectional. The downside to getting a sectional is if we decide we don’t like it or want to rearrange the room later, we are kind of stuck. Also, there are only so many places sectionals can be placed in (even a large-sized room, and our room is not what I would call grandiose).

…Or Something in Between?

I started to look into modular furniture and figured that would be our best bet especially since we weren’t convinced we’d LOVE a sectional. Maybe we would miss our end tables? Possibly that middle seat wouldn’t be usable. Maybe I would want a little separation from my kids… ahem…

Then an Instagram follower of mine suggested we looked into a company called Home Reserve, and the rest is history! YOU GUYS, if you have a large family, a small room, a weird space, or just want a really comfy (and modular) sectional without selling one of your kidneys on the black market, this company has your back! Do you think I am exaggerating? One *well known* modular sectional company’s price tag was about $12,000… Um, no thank you.

Home Reserve‘s modular sectional not only has amazing features (storage under EVERY seat!), is built right here in the USA, has a 10-year warranty on the frame, is renewable (like each piece is replaceable), has removable fabric (just in case, you know, life happens…), but it is actually affordable! Our original configuration total price was right around $2100 and was a 7 seat couch with an ottoman. That price included tax and shipping directly to our front porch, too!

After pouring out my love for them on my IG page Home Reserve reached out to partner with me, and I ended up adding another section and another ottoman to my original design. THANK YOU, HOME RESERVE!

Living Room Video Tour

Here is a little video tour of my space! Keep scrolling for all the other links I have for the decor in my “new school vintage” farmhouse living room!

Product Links

Modular sectional:

Sonnenglas solar light jars (10% off):

Area rug:

Record player:

Live plant (POTHOS):

Live plant (SNAKE PLANT):

Bamboo rocker:

Bamboo rocker cushion:

Toy basket:

Letter board:

Pipe shelf brackets:

Faux fur sheep skin:

Vintage corded telephone:

$19 Floor lamp

Steer Skull DIY

Sectional Instagram Highlight

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