December’s Favorite Things


What I am wearing:

Sweaters – I am really into sweaters this winter! Which is actually quite unusual for me. I am typically not a sweater lover.

This one was purchased at American eagle (pants from JC Penneys)

This one was from the Juniors department at Kohls. It’s a bit short when you lift your arms, but paired with a tucked in cami it doesn’t bother me.

Sunglasses – I treated myself to a new set of sunglasses since I broke and lost my last two pairs. I upgraded to Ray-Bans. I went in with every intention of purchasing the classic aviators, but fell in love with a pair that were 50% off – win/win!

Natural DO – I’ve been meaning to make the switch for a while, but honestly, I wasn’t sold on the idea of it working. I was BLOWN away that it actually worked! The ingredients consist of easily available items that I normally have around the farmhouse making this recipe super cheap and super easy. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

What I am reading

(hanging my head in shame) Over break I wanted to try to finish up Little House on the Prairie, but absolutely NOTHING school related happened during our 4 week long hiatus, save for building science fair project paraphernalia.

Jesus Calling – This is the devotional that I purchased for the year and I am loving it so far! The passages are quite short, so I am pairing it with the Proverb of the day and also diving into a larger portion of scripture that the devotion mentions.

What I am doing:

Detoxing – I am a week into my first detox and I am loving it. Today was day 9 and my energy levels soared today! I am using the doTERRA “Cleanse and Restore” kit and super pumped about it! I have a group and will be saving the info shared there (recipes, workouts, instructions for the detox, non-toxic DIYs for the home) for anyone who purchases that kit! If you’re interested, here’s the LINK: www.facebook.com/groups/cleanseandrestore2018

Weight-loss – I know, I know – this was my goal last year, but my business became the center of my “spare” time. God knew I needed to focus there. It is what is supporting our entire family this winter and the blessing is beyond what I ever imagined! #grateful. BUT, this year is MY YEAR! And I am bound and determined to hit some goals – #1 is to fit into my wedding dress (I was 18 when Mike and I married) on my 17th anniversary this year (April), and be more fit and healthy version of myself by my 36th birthday (in May)

CrossFit styled circuit training – this is an exercise routine the whole family has been able to be a part of which makes it a lot more fun. Here’s a few of the workouts we’ve been doing. I am going to also start pairing it with heavy lifting after my detox.

Prepping for our PUNTA CANA trips – Y’all I am SUUUUPER excited about 5 days of undivided hubby time ON. THE. BEACH!!!

Photo organizing – I am SOOOOO behind with printing photos of our family! I have downloaded freeprints.com and am hoping they uphold what they have stated in their advertisement – FREE prints. I’ll let you know later about that one!


What I am making:

Mermaid Tail – My brother requested a crochet mermaid tail snuggy in the style of “Splash”. If you were raised in the 80/90s you probably know of this Tom Hank/Daryl Hannah movie! Here is the pattern I am using!

Mittens – I can NEVER find mittens that fit toddlers (1-2) well so a few years ago I came up with my own pattern. I recently made Cypress and Ezra some new ones. Click here for the FREE pattern!


What I have been using:

Bialletti  Moka pot – I looked into a few high dollar expresso machines that took up HUGE counter real estate and decided to try a stovetop version first! I AM IN LOVE! So much so that our coffee consumption has probably doubled due to my older kids and pretty much having a coffee shop in our house!

Roller ball case – I love this little case! They are super well made and very affordable. My husband even requested a black one – DONE!>


Slicer – Why, oh why haven’t I owned one of these before? We do make-your-own-sub nights here regularly and this stupidly easy! For $9 at Walmart  – treat yourselves ladies. BUT… be careful! Those blades are razor sharp! I have already sacrificed a few band-aids due to brushing against it while rinsing it off. #lessonlearned!