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Did you get a chance to catch this week’s videos?

In Monday’s DITL we had a cray-cray day of organizing the chaos of too many places to go and to many things to do – dropping kids off, picking them up, donating a car load of stuff, grocery shopping, taking some items to my MIL’s garage sale, folding a million baskets of laundry and trying to work around Mike’s weather depended schedule. But, alas, we got it all done and fell into bed feeling accomplished and grateful.

In Wednesday’s video I shared my May favorites! Here are just a few of them if you want to check them out:

In Friday’s video I walked you through I set up my War Binder (aka prayer binder) and how I used it to keep my prayer life organized. I have ALREADY had such amazing responses to this video and it literally makes my heart swell. To GOD be the glory! It is so fun how we can each inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves we can be! I love our little FarmhouseFull community we have here.


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Favorite Photo of the Week

I’ve also been working my way through a photo challenge over on Instagram. It’s been a fun way to connect with other mommas on that platform.

{#routine} I am ever thankful for this #mundane #morning with my crew. #itisagift everyday that I get to be their mom, to help them grow and learn, to wash their clothes and their feet, to guide their step as well as their hearts. Those simple mundane, routine moments are what a lifetime of blessings is built on. I am reminded of how fast those moments slip through my fingers as I look at my curly headed 1 year old while my oldest sits in his first #driversed class today 😱.

Are we connected on Instagram? If not you can follow my family through pictures on our Instagram account. @afarmhousefull

Other happenings:

BIG stuff is happening here in my WAHM life! I am gearing up to release my Nicci Lynn Doll Pattern! This is the pattern I created for my Nicci Lynn Handmade crochet business and these dolls were a top seller. I ALWAYS had a wait list for them! Now you can crochet them too and even sell them in your etsy shop (I charged $85 for them and they sold out immediately each time!). It is such a fun way to capture your little girl’s look and personality in handmade doll that they will treasure forever! Check back MONDAY for the pattern! I am hoping to have it live by then!

I also shared my EASY daily skincare routine over on Farmhouse Oils FB page.You all KNOW that it has to be easy and fruitful for me to keep at it and this skin care routine is LEGIT!


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Farmhouse Family Weekly Favorites:

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* Description contains affiliate links. This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are genuinely my own. The information provided is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or mental health condition. Please consult your healthcare provider. I share personal uses.*

March Favorites


What I am doing:

Kitchen work: Sheesh… – I don’t even know where to begin here! We decided to rip out our plate rack and within 1.5 minutes we were headed to Menards for some primer and paint… because that’s how we roll! Our former wood and cream kitchen now is a soft white. We still have to re-grout the backsplash, build a picnic table (for INSIDE), replace the pendant lights and shiplap the crap out of the kitchen island, but at least the painting is done, right?

Unit studies: I have confessed this before. I tweak EVERYTHING… even my own curriculum I tweak. Does that make me crazy? Unstable? Maybe… But there’s a blessing that comes with it! I have been doing little mini-unit studies to go along with my History curriculum and I am going to start sharing the resources I am using and what we are doing in blog posts AND with YouTube videos that SHOW how we are doing it!  Keep an eye out for that!

What I am Wearing

Acid wash leggings (from Kohl’s juniors department) – Need I say more?

Graphic Tees! The Brave Momma Company (10% coupon code “afarmhousefull”) and Never Lose Hope designs (coupon code “Nicci20” for 20% off) are my current favorites. Both are super soft and comfy and have messages that I can stand behind!

What I am Reading:

Some schooling inspiration

  • How Children Learn: https://amzn.to/2JNA9ay
  • How Children Fail: https://amzn.to/2JNA9ay
  • Teach Your Own: https://amzn.to/2JRBn4O

As well as some mothering/parenting inspiration:

  • No More Perfect Moms: https://amzn.to/2J2J8nj
  • No More Perfect Kids: https://amzn.to/2JQxHQT
  • Professionalizing Motherhood: https://amzn.to/2IWskOH
  • Parenting is Heart Work: https://amzn.to/2qxkunZ

What I am Making:


Besides failing 138 times at making a addition to a swimsuit (frogging work SUCKS!), I crocheted Easter baskets for all 8 of my kids – which I shared with you in my last blog post.


What I am Using:

I can not say enough about my new editing software. It is amazing and FREE! If you want their watermark removed it is still only $60. Totally worth every cent! I am so glad it is working out because after downloading 2-3 of them that I didn’t like I was starting to think I would never find on that was both user friendly AND had the features that I have been eyeing that my ancient Window’s Movie Maker didn’t have! The real reason I switched is because the computer that had it installed on it crashed and died. Any good recommendations for a PC laptop that can handle video editing well?


December’s Favorite Things

What I am wearing:

Sweaters – I am really into sweaters this winter! Which is actually quite unusual for me. I am typically not a sweater lover.

This one was purchased at American eagle (pants from JC Penneys)

This one was from the Juniors department at Kohls. It’s a bit short when you lift your arms, but paired with a tucked in cami it doesn’t bother me.

Sunglasses – I treated myself to a new set of sunglasses since I broke and lost my last two pairs. I upgraded to Ray-Bans. I went in with every intention of purchasing the classic aviators, but fell in love with a pair that were 50% off – win/win!

Natural DO – I’ve been meaning to make the switch for a while, but honestly, I wasn’t sold on the idea of it working. I was BLOWN away that it actually worked! The ingredients consist of easily available items that I normally have around the farmhouse making this recipe super cheap and super easy. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

What I am reading

(hanging my head in shame) Over break I wanted to try to finish up Little House on the Prairie, but absolutely NOTHING school related happened during our 4 week long hiatus, save for building science fair project paraphernalia.

Jesus Calling – This is the devotional that I purchased for the year and I am loving it so far! The passages are quite short, so I am pairing it with the Proverb of the day and also diving into a larger portion of scripture that the devotion mentions.

What I am doing:

Detoxing – I am a week into my first detox and I am loving it. Today was day 9 and my energy levels soared today! I am using the doTERRA “Cleanse and Restore” kit and super pumped about it! I have a group and will be saving the info shared there (recipes, workouts, instructions for the detox, non-toxic DIYs for the home) for anyone who purchases that kit! If you’re interested, here’s the LINK: www.facebook.com/groups/cleanseandrestore2018

Weight-loss – I know, I know – this was my goal last year, but my business became the center of my “spare” time. God knew I needed to focus there. It is what is supporting our entire family this winter and the blessing is beyond what I ever imagined! #grateful. BUT, this year is MY YEAR! And I am bound and determined to hit some goals – #1 is to fit into my wedding dress (I was 18 when Mike and I married) on my 17th anniversary this year (April), and be more fit and healthy version of myself by my 36th birthday (in May)

CrossFit styled circuit training – this is an exercise routine the whole family has been able to be a part of which makes it a lot more fun. Here’s a few of the workouts we’ve been doing. I am going to also start pairing it with heavy lifting after my detox.

Prepping for our PUNTA CANA trips – Y’all I am SUUUUPER excited about 5 days of undivided hubby time ON. THE. BEACH!!!

Photo organizing – I am SOOOOO behind with printing photos of our family! I have downloaded freeprints.com and am hoping they uphold what they have stated in their advertisement – FREE prints. I’ll let you know later about that one!


What I am making:

Mermaid Tail – My brother requested a crochet mermaid tail snuggy in the style of “Splash”. If you were raised in the 80/90s you probably know of this Tom Hank/Daryl Hannah movie! Here is the pattern I am using!

Mittens – I can NEVER find mittens that fit toddlers (1-2) well so a few years ago I came up with my own pattern. I recently made Cypress and Ezra some new ones. Click here for the FREE pattern!


What I have been using:

Bialletti  Moka pot – I looked into a few high dollar expresso machines that took up HUGE counter real estate and decided to try a stovetop version first! I AM IN LOVE! So much so that our coffee consumption has probably doubled due to my older kids and pretty much having a coffee shop in our house!

Roller ball case – I love this little case! They are super well made and very affordable. My husband even requested a black one – DONE!>


Slicer – Why, oh why haven’t I owned one of these before? We do make-your-own-sub nights here regularly and this stupidly easy! For $9 at Walmart  – treat yourselves ladies. BUT… be careful! Those blades are razor sharp! I have already sacrificed a few band-aids due to brushing against it while rinsing it off. #lessonlearned!



November Favorites

AHHHHH – It’s December! When did that even happen!?

I am going to try a new series on my monthly favorites! I thought this would be a fun way to share about items i have been asked about or that I have been loving. Just a disclaimer – I am NOT sponsored or endorsed by ANYTHING in these videos (although I may link you to the products via my amazon link so that you can easily find them if you’re interested). I’ve actually never been paid to push a product. I have consciously turned down ALL sponsorship opportunities to keep my channel genuine. The only products reviews I have agreed to do have been things I am already loving or have been using personally and I don’t receive any commission for posting about them – although a few I have been able to offer you a discount/coupon or giveaway!

If you’d like to be linked to the product click on the link to find them. Some of these items will be linked to my Amazon Affiliate store.

These posts will revolve around what I am….

  • Wearing
  • Reading
  • Doing
  • Making
  • Using

What I am Wearing

Booties – I have kind of fallen in love with the short boot trend. Its a nice mix up from my everyday get up of either my Tony Lama buckaroos or my Birkenstock Gizehs. Who else is loving this trend? (click the picture for link)


CK packable down coat – You guys! These coats are really light – like nothingness light! And they fit into a stuff bag. When you’re the pack mule mom this thing is a lifesaver. So far it is proved pretty warm (not arctic warm – but definitively doable for running errands). One down side – if you’re baby weaning in them they are quite slippery. (click the picture for link)

What I am Reading

Most of these are Civil War era books that I am reading to my kids for our history.

  • The Boy in the Alamo – http://amzn.to/2iIIe45
    • About a young boy who follows his older brother into war and ends up in the Alamo seize
  • Little House on the Prairie – http://amzn.to/2BnBXq5
    • Family favorite and CLASSIC
  • Harriet Tubman Book – http://amzn.to/2AK5A1t
    • Easy to read for an emergent reader or as a short lesson as a read aloud.
  • Clara Barton Book – http://amzn.to/2AK5A1t
    • Again, this one is an easy read for an emergent reader or as a short lesson as a read aloud.

What I am Doing

Driving Lessons – our oldest turned 15 last week and things are GETTING REAL! We have acquired an awesome car for him to learn on (instead of bogarting the prison van that I NEED to have to transport my entourage). Its a 2000 Buick Park Avenue!

Decluttering – ahhhhh… one of the pitfalls of SO many people living under one roof. I am definitely not a minimalist but I don’t like things that aren’t proven to be beautiful, useful or needed. Right before Christmas each year I get an itch to clear out all the extra clutter and re evaluate what we actually need, love and use. Does anyone else LOVE Christmas but really don’t get into the materialist part of it?

Being a MOM BOSS: I have started an entire new leg of my doTERRA business and it is going so well! IN FACT, I hit DIAMOND last month!!! WHAT???? If anyone has been interested in starting a new business in the new year now is your time to come aboard! In a little under a year I have built a business with FULL TIME income from HOME! WHAT? I am still in shock about what a whirlwind it has been. If want more information click here and look around and email when you are done (afarmhousefull(at)gmail(dot)com. If you’re interested in getting some education on essential oils and how to practically use them in your own home click here.

What I am Using:

Handmade Coffee Mug – You guys ask all the time where I got this thing. I LOVE it! There is an amazingly talented and kind man who is at the Covered Bridge Festival year after year and is local to the Parke County, IN area and I bought it from here His website is www.wagonerpottery.com

Apple Slicer – YOU GUYS – this little $20 apparatus is a GAME CHANGER! Why didn’t I own one before? This makes slicking and coring apples (and also peeling them if you are making pie or applesauce) a 4 second endeavor. Do yourself a favor and GET ONE! (click on picture for link)

Stress Shot – an awesome recipe for emotional support.

Bladder Bomb – Any ladies suffer from “bladder discomfort”? I never had issues with this but after my cycles have returned I have had numerous bouts with it – I am hoping it is just me adjusting back hormonally. After playing around with recipes I have found this works amazing for me:

  • In an empty veggie cap – 2 drops each of doTERRA Oregano, Onguard, Lemon and Frankincense (or Copiaibia) Take 2 times a day for 5 days.
  • In a glass spay bottle combine 1/2 oz. witch hazel with 10 drops each frankincense and melaleuca. Use each time you use the bathroom and if you and your hubby have a “date night” during that time period.

What I am Making:

Hei Hei – Click on the photo for this super cheap and amazingly easy pattern! I finished as we watched Christmas Vacation the other night. I am already started on Pua now too! Both patterns available HERE.

Hats – I am sizing my own original pattern. I have a couple different name choices for this one. Kaleidoscope Hat, Tetris Hat or Candy Drop Hat. Which name is your favorite?

What are you wearing, reading, using, doing and making this month?


Curriculum Choices for 2017-2018

This post is embarrassingly late! But better late than never, right?

We are in our 7th week of school and I am encouraged to say we have hit a smooth groove with our schedule. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I feel like I am being torn into a thousand pieces none of which that belong to me (thank you Becky for that awesome analogy at church!), but we are getting things done and I am not loosing by head every day so I am calling that a win!

I will share a more in depth look into our schedule and routine at a later date, but I did make a day in the life video last week that shares glimpses of it. You can Click HERE to watch that.

Not only is the schedule working I believe our curriculum choices are turning out to be very on point as well. Here is what are using this year!

Andrew (grade 9)

AJ is continuing in Classical Conversations Challenge Program and meets once a week with his class and a tutor to go over their work from the week. I like the community and the accountability that it provides.

  • Latin: Henele Latin
  • Science: This year he is researching famous astronomers and their life, theories, laws and contribution to their fields. He is writing reports weekly on what he has learned as well as making labeled diagrams of various theories and laws. For example last week he had to research Kepler and his three laws. He then wrote a paper describing each of  Kepler’s three laws. He is also participating in a Science Fair this year.
  • Debate: This is probably by favorite. He is researching current “hot topics” in current events such as right to life, gun control, women in the military and finding news articles that support both the affirmative and negative position. He then must form his own conclusions on them and be ready to discuss this within class with proofs and sub proofs. The second semester his class will be studying the judicial process and will be participating in a mock trial (in an actual courtroom) after several weeks learning due process.
  • Logic: He is working through two MASSIVE books: Intro to Formal Logic and Intermediate Formal Logic. Again I like that this year he is learning to think for himself not just regurgitate facts.
  • Literature/Writing – He participates in 60 minutes of SSR daily. Using the Lost Tools of Writing he is coming up with a thesis and writing a persuasive essay corresponding with his position. In the second semester he will be focusing on famous short stories and will be creating a short story of his own.
  • Math – We are still loving Teaching Textbooks and he is working on Algebra I this year.
  • Extras – Over the summer he has developed a love music. Piano, drums, guitar, ukulele and even singing. He became and amazing self taught student of piano and has amazed us by what he can place by ear and through a handful of YouTube tutorials. He JUST recently started formal lessons and and thrilled to see him move forward with this passion on his own. (We  never pushed our kids into anything they don’t show interest and/or talent in.)
  • Rube Goldberg- He a few friends are participating in the Rube Goldberg challenge this year as well.
Maddie (Grade 7)

This is Maddie’s first year in the Challenge Program and she is participating in Challenge A.

  • Latin – Henele Latin
  • Science – She is researching and writing a report on topics revolving around biology and natural science each week. Each paper has to have 2-3+ sources, a drawing and a bibliography.
  • Apologetics/Reasoning – She is addressing the topics of thinking and speaking truthfully to help her in her next year of Challenge where she will be studying formal logic and debating.
  • Cartography – She is required to draw 3 maps a day of the region of the world that she is memorizing. At the end of the year she will be able to draw the world (all continents, countries and capitols) from memory.
  • Literature/Writing – She participates in 60 minutes of SSR daily and will be writing 10 persuasive essays based upon a thesis she comes up.
  • Math – She is using Teach Textbooks as well and is in grade 7.
Faith and Michael (grade 4 and 5)
  • English – Rod and Staff, grade 4
  • IEW – US History
  • Spelling – undecided
  • Math – Teaching Textbooks, grade 4 and 5
  • Computer – Typing Instructor Platinum for kids
  • Penmanship (group – more on this later!)
Georgia (grade 2)
  • Math – Math-U-See, Beta
  • Explode the Code books for practice, review and (lets be honest here) busywork!
Ezra (Kindergarten)
Group Studies