17 Years!

Seventeen years ago an 18 year old girl stood hand in hand with a 21 year old boy and said a few simple vows beneath stained glass and wood.

For better.

For worse.

For richer.

For poorer.

With God’s amazing grace we have honored those promises that were made while we so very young. Seventeen years of growing up together. Seventeen years of ups and downs and everything in between. Seventeen years of wrestling to make a marriage work in a culture that doesn’t value its importance. Seventeen years of adding, one by one, to this family of ours until our number reached 10. A number I never dreamed of, but that God had always known since the beginning of time.  Seventeen yeas of carving out a life where God comes first and everything else flows from that. Living out, in the flesh, the daily sanctifying work of family: the laundering and washing, the training and discipling, the serving and caring. Each task making efforts to smooth out the rough exterior of selfishness that is born in us since the time of Adam and Eve. Seventeen years of dreaming big, but most importantly dreaming together. There is absolutely NO ONE I’d rather be doing life with than my husband. Happy Anniversary, Mike!

Meet My Hubby

So Mike made the comment that my loyal YouTube subscribers probably thought that I had a “make believe” husband since we seemed never to be around in any videos. Well, that prompted me to put him on the spot and do my very first husband-focused vlog. Enjoy meeting my husband!