I did a “thing”

Anyone who has followed me for very long KNOWS my hair has been super long for… like…ever!

Well, on Saturday I found a couple of cute (shorter) hairstyles on Pinterest and starting thinking about lopping off my LONG hair. By Sunday I had scissors in hand and was rearing to go.

No, I don’t have cosmetology training, I am self taught… mostly through YouTube. BUT, I have been cutting my own hair for over 10 years and *most* of the time it turns out amazing.

I went for a long bob, or lob, as it is known in internet land. I probably cut it a bit longer than most lobs are, but, BABYSTEPS, yo.

Here is the final result.

I am SOOOO happy with it!


And if you can’t tell by the sweaty workout picture – I am finally getting back in the habit of working out regularly! These last 20 pounds of pregnancy weight are going to be GONE by the time I take my FREE trip to the Dominican! More on that later!

If your interested in seeing how I did it I actually vlogged the whole process!



Watch the video here:


Baby Haul: Cloth diapers and DIY stuff

I shared some of Cypress’ new items that I have either purchased or made in my latest YouTube video.

Items we purchased

All cloth diaper supplies I purchased from Green Mountain Diaper

Items I made:

54 dual ply flannel wipes

Ergo Cover (look for the tutorial for that here)

Hand stamped gauze/muslin swaddle blanket

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Lets face it, ladies… foaming hand soap is WAY easier than the goopey liquid hand soap and is much easier for kids to use.

But it also is used up a lot faster. Which makes it more expensive.

Here is a little trick I started doing several years ago that saves me quite a bit of money and I only have to buy soap about once a year or so!

Basically foaming hand soap is essentially regular liquid soap and water in a special pump.¬† For the last couple of years I have been making it by mixing¬†NON-antibacterial liquid soap from SAMs and water inside of a foaming hand soap bottle. BOOM. DONE. Money saved. You’re welcome!

I talk about WHY I choose a NON anti-bacterial soap in the video and HERE is the article that explains it a bit more scientifically.