Baking the Basics


I finally finished up my first cookbook and I just know you will all love it! Filled with basic baking recipes that will quickly become staples in your home, each recipe is scaled several different ways making it ideal for any sized family.

coverA Farmhouse Full’s Baking the Basics features:

  • recipes already scaled small and large
  • tips and tricks to make each recipe user friendly
  • ingredients that are easy to find (most are probably already in your pantry!) and don’t break the bank
  • a full color photograph of each and every recipe
  • time tested recipes that have been made over and over again here at The Farmhouse.
  • easy to follow instructions
  • staple recipes that will actually ALL be used on a regular basis
  • includes a BONUS recipe doubling guide for FREE – This guide makes it easy to scale any of your existing recipes with ease because all the math is already done for you!

Also, if you’re interested in seeing some tips for perfect biscuits using the recipe in this book check out my video here: