Weekly Wrap Up: July 8-15, 2018


New Videos:

Did you catch this week’s new videos?

We finally set up our little temporary pool! The kids were begging to have something to swim in. We all worked together to get it set up and then ran around getting odds and ends to finish the project.

In Wednesday’s video, I released the first half of a LIVE Q and A I filmed on my Facebook page. I touched on a variety of topics.

In Friday’s video, I shared my newest aluminum-free deodorant recipe! It’s amazing and easy and only contains 2 simple ingredients. I shared my original recipe here, but some people have baking soda sensitivities and the original version didn’t travel well; if it got hot it melted and leaked!

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Favorite Photo of the Week:

Today is the only day he will turn 39, but he’s been covered in kids since 2002! Happy Birthday to the world’s best.

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Other Happenings:

We have been baking zucchini muffins like it’s nobody’s business. Like 12 dozen in the last 10 days…  This recipe always makes my kids happy.

It is included, along with 11 other amazing recipes, in my e-cookbook, Baking the Basics. Have you grabbed your copy yet?


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Have you heard about the awesomeness of Copaiba? It is a cannabinoid, but is legal in all 50 states because it is NOT derived from Cannabis or Hemp and contains NO THC! Which means all the therapeutic benefits and none of the other side effects! It is a great oil for supporting teething babies, chronic pain, inflammation, skin imperfections and a slew of other things!

Here is a short class behind the science of it all!

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Diffuser blend of the week:

You guys I am in LOVE with this scent. I have been diffusing it all week in my kitchen, dining room and bathroom. You have to try it. It is lovely, fresh, and Bohemian-ish.