Our Yearly Schedule Pros and Cons | Traditional


When it comes to homeschooing there are so many different choices that parents have to make. One of them is what type of yearly schedule works for your family. Our family chooses a “traditional” yearly schedule. We tend to start our school year around Labor Day and try to wrap things up by Memorial Day. We take a whole month off for Christmas and a week off in the Spring around Easter. This comes with both pros and cons which I will be sharing with you in this post. If you’re interested in other types of schooling head over to these fellow YouTubers and see how their methods are working for their families!

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Sabbath Schooling (Abby at FullTimeWifeLife)

The traditional method works best for our family and we have used it since I started homeschooling my now 15-year-old. I have toyed with the idea of switching schedules once in a while, but I always come back to this one being, hands down, the BEST fit for our family.


Similarity – This type of schedule matches up with most of the other families in our area, whether they are public-schoolers, private-schoolers or homeschoolers. This means the kids have more opportunities to get together with kid because they both are “off” at the same times.

Summer – We live in the Midwest and summers are glorious and short. We really want to savor the old fashion lazy, dog-days of summer. Our kids fill their days with staying up late by the bonfire, sleeping in, hanging with siblings and friends, camping, heading over my parents’ lake house, wading in the creek near our home and helping me in the garden. It also allows me time to plant and nurture our large organic garden and our small fruit/berry orchard.

Compliments My Husband’s Schedule – My husband owns a landscaping company and his busiest time in in the summer. I work from home, so my busiest time is during the school year when I am both running my business and homeschooling my small army. Having different busy seasons allows up to help one another so neither gets too overwhelmed with their responsibilities.

LONG Break – We LOVE the long, extended break that summer offers. To have the time to relax into a nice easy routine and enjoy an old fashion summer of the past is an amazing thing that we don’t want to give up.

Although this schedule works well for us, it isn’t perfect and has a few cons.


Burn Out: If you aren’t not careful you can get burnt out during the 3 seasons of schooling. Having week after week of school without a real break can seem overwhelming for some.

Vacationing – If you’re not into roadschooling (we will be doing this THIS winter!!!!) then you will be more than likely taking your vacation in the summer months and when vacationing is both more crowed and more expensive.