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Intro and My Story:

I am just so excited for everyone here! I am thrilled to be even a small part in your natural wellness journey and possibly your network marketing experience.

A quick intro on me for those of you who don’t know me: I am Nicci, a super blessed, simple, small-town girl from the rural Midwest. I married my high school sweet heart at the ripe age of 18 (16 years ago!) and together we have created an amazing family that includes 8 gorgeous children who range in age from 9 months to 14 years – 4 boys and 4 girls – we like to keep things even, obviously!

We live out in the country and have, at various times, raised pigs, laying hens, meat chickens, and bees (oh yea…and small humans as well!) Almost every year we tend a large organic garden as well as a small orchard on our property with peach and apple trees as well as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. We live simply and as naturally as we can, but are in no way legalistic with any practices.
We began using oils about a year ago and have used them for SOOOOO many amazing things! I am blown away doTERRA and their products. The more I learn the more smitten I am with the company and their products.

At first I was just a happy customer but my thought process was changed little by little as I felt I was being led down a path toward this amazing journey by God. I quite honestly brushed it off at first but God just kept placing it on the front burner. When I finally decided to step out in faith and give it all I had (not just a “try”) I was blown away not only by the doors God BUSTED open but the amazing people that He placed in my life. Some of them have already become like family to me! I pray for them, love them and are blessed by them daily!

I cannot say enough great things about this business. It is amazing in itself, but the fact that I can earn an income without leaving my babies is amazing. In fact, the last few oils classes I have had a few of my kids WITH me. I love that families are at the heart of this business. The possibilities are endless and my family and I are dreaming again! What would you do if you have an extra $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 a month?
For us it would look like this:

I don’t want to live a life in a “limitations” bubble. I want to experience and live out my dreams. I want to be able to bring my kids along with me as I do it. I want them to experience the world through a pair of limitless-tinted glasses.

I want to be able to be a big blessing to others. When we are barely getting by it can be hard to feel like we are helping anyone but ourselves. I want to sponsor adoptions, fund missions, bless others because we have been blessed.

I want to travel now! With the kids! Without having to worry about how much money we will lose by stepping “away” from the home front for a week or two (or a month or two…)

I want to be able to be financially free. Debt free. Mortgage free. “I didn’t even realize it was payday” financially free. Money doesn’t buy happiness that is for darn sure (we were married at 18 and 21 and were broke as a joke, but happy as clams) BUT when you’re worried about how you’re going to keep food on the table it can create a large amount of stress which is happiness’s arch nemesis.

I want to help other become financially free or at least financially stable with a product that brings health and wellness to them and their customers as well!

I want to inspire moms to start dreaming again. Dreaming like they are in 5th grade again! #withoutlimits

So those are my whys, what are yours?

Please take a moment and watch these short and inspiring videos!

Time and Money Commitment:


Time for someone doing the business who really wants to grow steadily would look something like this:

1-2 hours a week following up/sampling/talking to new enrollees

30 minute training video from Bonnie

30 minute training video from me (these can be done in your PJ’s with a glass of wine…😂 or folding laundry #reallife)

2 hours a week for an Oils Class (2 classes a week if you want to grow REALLY fast!)

30 minute strategy call with your upline

Once you’re in a leadership role (silver/gold rank and above) you’ll have an additional hour of strategy calls with your team leaders. (approx. 20 minutes each)

That totals about 5-6 hours a week for an average builder. If you want to build faster expect more. I probably spend between 5-10 hours a week as a Platinum Leader in doTERRA.

MONEY COMMITMENT: Keep in mind the startup of most businesses is astronomical comparatively! In doTERRA you do not have to keep a huge inventory (you’ll want a variety of oils to use, sample out and share at classes though). Your customers will be sent their products directly from doTERRA and you do not have to be a middle man in the process!

Start up cost:
You can enroll for as little as $35 BUT you will not have any oils to use, sample or have on hand for a class.

  • The most popular kit is the Home Essentials Kit ($275) which includes ALL top ten oils and a diffuser.
  • My personal favorite is the Natural Solutions Kit ($550) which has a GREAT sampling of doTERRA’s most popular products
  • The Oil Sharing Kit ($800) is AMAZING if you’re planning growing FAST. It is ALL set up so you can start using, sampling and sharing oils.
  • The Every Oil Kit ($1825) is amazing if you’d like to experience each and every oil and have them all on hand for potential customers to sample or experience.
  • The Diamond Kit (almost every product doTERRA carries!) $2500 – also talk to me if you are interested in this to work out a way that it will be cost efficient for you to start your business with a bang with this!

Keep in mind that the bigger kits, while more expensive, offer the greatest savings and allow to start off with a product credit and a higher percentage back in free product when ordering.

Monthly cost
100PV order is required to get paid by doTERRA (PV is usually same as $)

Others costs
Business Cards (I got 500 for $19 on vistaprints)
Sample Vials – Amazon has 100 for $20
Oils/Products to sample – if you enrolled with a larger kit you will have a great selection to choose from!


The 4 keys to success are:

  • Be willing to do the things other won’t so you can live the life others can’t!
  • Personal development, belief in yourself and positive mindset
  • Be coachable!
  • Consistency – doing those small steps over and over again knowing you sowing the seeds for your business
  • NEVER. GIVE. UP. #ever

Great resources for learning more about this model of income:

Click the books to learn more!

Earning Potential:

The Earning Potential is AMAZING with doTERRA! I am a doTERRA PLATINUM leader and have been so blessed by this amazing opportunity!


Doterra’s compensation plan is the BEST out there! It is backwards of a traditional network marketing model making it an amazing tool to build LONG term, RESIDUAL income!

Basic Compensation Plan

These give an amazing visual of their basic compensation plan! Click and print so you can reference while you watch!


🌟🌟This is where our team shines!🌟🌟🌟

We have amazing leaders that want, more than anything, to pour into you and help you achieve your goals! Our leaders help equip and train you for success in this business. Bonnie, our doTERRA diamond leader, has interactive Facebook live training videos every week. If you’re not able to catch the training life she post them to her group so that you can check them out when it’s convenient to you. I also have a private Wellness Advocate training page and do live Facebook training every week as well. Again, these post to the group so if you’re not there live to view them you can go back and watch the recorded content. We believe in weekly strategy calls with your up line and also with your top leaders on your team. This usually takes about 20 minutes and can be done over the phone or in an online zoom conference room. Almost all of our training is available online with clickable links which makes it SUPER convenient.

We also have a free continuing education course of eight classes that are go at your own pace.

Joining our team ensures a that you’ll be part of one of the fastest-growing doTERRA teams out there and, in my opinion, the best!

Who’s joining us?


If you are interested in chatting about making this opportunity a reality for you please email me at I can’t wait for the possibility to get to know you better and help you set YOUR goals!

If you were referred by someone on my team the person who referred you to this page will be contacting you answer any other questions you have! I can’t wait for the possibility to get to know you better and help you set YOUR goals!