Dietary Changes

So many of you have been asking me about our food journey!

I shared a handful of weeks ago that our family was adopting a more plant-based diet. After watching a few documentaries, Forks over Knives, What the Health, and In Defense of Food and also researching the different ways to eat more holistically, we decided to change things up. Even before this we have been slowly transitioning our family to a more holistic, natural way of living (essential oils, cloth diapers, organic gardening, raising our own chickens for eggs and meat). It’s slow and ever-changing balance of keeping things manageable, yet also leaning on our convictions to make welcome changes for all of us.

To back up a bit, there was nothing uncommon or horribly wrong with our diet before this. We ate a variety of meat, dairy, vegetables and fruit with a few more processed items for ease/convenience #momlife. Although looking back,  we consumed a LOT more dairy than I realized.

Knowing that it would be easy to slip back if we inched into this new lifestyle, we plunged in and removed most meat and a lot of the dairy from our everyday lives. Although, when fellowshipping with other families, I had always stated that we would always put our relationships over our food choices. Now, if your family has a legitimate food allergy or intolerance, this would be a different story, but for use it was our choice. SO, if we had dinner with family or friends we would happily eat what was served and not even mention our new way of eating.

As time went on there were things we loved (almond milk over regular milk) and things we hated (veggie burgers DID NOT even compare to the real deal…). There were also things that our kids were not even close to fond of and others that they surprisingly loved. We sort of knew this would be the reality of it going into to this. Kuddos for those willing to go all out, but for us, doing so would be more stressful than it was worth. Also, I feel that food choice has become a bit of an idol for some. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to fuel your body well, when we decide to put our faith in out dietary habits (something that WE do) it ignores the sovereignty of God. He is bigger than our food choices.

So, what stuck and what got thrown out?

About 6 weeks of eating very differently left us with these “loose” guidelines

  • Cheese is sticking around – although in smaller quantities (NOTHING vegan tastes like cheese, even if it looks like it! If I wanted to keep from having a mutiny the cheese had to stay)
  • Processed meats, other than special occasions (others cooking, eating out and very occasional favorite meals of my children) were all gone. I did make another exception of lunch meat for my children who attend a nut-free co-op.
  • Milk as a beverage is gone – almond milk has replaced it. I actually bought cow’s milk last week so that I could do one of those “occasional kids’ favorite meals – biscuits and gravy) and NO ONE (sans one kid) would even drink it. They called it cow puss, thanks to learning that there is actually puss in cow’s milk… #gross.
  • We have added a meal or two that have optional of meat in them. For instance when we make tacos I purchase ground beef but also make quinoa “taco meat” for a few of us who like it better (recipe to come). I also make veggie wraps and my children have the option of cooked chicken or roasted chickpeas that have been seasoned the same.
  • Also, we are doing our best to use grassfed, organic and naturally raised meat when possible.

All in all these changes have our family: eating less meat, consuming less dairy products, eating more fresh produce (both fruit and vegetables), eating even less processed foods, and in general simplifying our diet.

I am very happy with the balance. I know that I would drive myself and my family bat-crap-crazy if I were to adhere too strongly to a restricted food regime, so this our doable diet change!

How about you?

How does your family enjoy to eat?


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