Cypress Oil | Essential Oils for Beginners

Cypress Oil is an amazing oil to keep in your oil cabinet. We love it and not just because our 8th child’s name is Cypress!

Cypress can be used both aromatically and topically. This is not intended to be used internally, so keep that in mind. Also note that MOST essential oils in your big box stores are NEVER to be used internally (because they are synthetic chemicals). If you’re new to oils go here and learn more about why I love and trust doTERRA.

Practical Uses:

Bladder Support: Dilute and apply topical over the abdomen before bed (especially for little ones who have a hard time making it through the night), before a long car ride or whenever you need a little bladder boost.

Respiratory Support: Cypress has wonderful antispasmodic properties lending it well to aid with coughing and chest irritations. Dilute and apply to chest or inhale from palms of the hands. It can also be added with  “Breathe” to the diffuser.

Circulatory support: Dilute and apply to the muscles before and after a workout. It can also be used on areas where veins are concerned. Apply to the area of concern.

Monthly Support: Dilute and apply over uterus and abdomen to support your monthly cycles. It is especially supportive if you’re prone to heavy cycles.

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