Halloween Costumes 2017

Happy Halloween! I wanted to share what our kids dressed up as for Halloween! It was so easy this year because our neighbor across our road dropped off a large assortment of costumes from his daughter and we keep most of our store bought and homemade costumes (that are worth saving) in a bin. I hung them all up and had them “shop” from what we had! Cora, Ezra, Georgia and Faith all picked out their costumes from those.

Cypress dressed in the bear costume I made for AJ 14 years ago. It was the first garment I ever sewed! All 8 of our kids have worn it and it was a bit bittersweet to see our last child in it.

Michael chose to be a scarecrow and it was such a cool costume that didn’t require much. Some raffia, a blank mask, a small piece of burlap and a straw hat. We already owned everything else.

Maddie went as a deer. SUPER EASY! A little makeup and a headband with pipe cleaners and felt ears and it was DONE!

AJ, our oldest, dressed as one of the members of his favorite band, Twenty One Pilots. He and his friend went out on their own so no pictures of him.


Does your family wear costumes on Halloween? What did your kids dress up as?



2 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes 2017

  1. Great memories! That’s how we did Halloween back in the day 🙂 Rummaging through old costumes packed away, adding to or recreating them with bits and pieces we purchased at the second hand thrift store by our church! Always so fun to see the creative process unfold and a great way to keep in the spirit of family fun! Dan was super creative, always! Love all these costumes and the sweet stories that come with them through the years! Thanks for sharing <3
    Thanksgiving Blessings to all!
    Cindy Ann Simmons

    • Awww, thanks Cindy! And I can only imagine the creativity that Uncle Bobby had with costumes! I would love to see some photos of him when he was a child – one of my kids looks so much like him!

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