Tent Camping with 10 People?

If you have followed us for long then you know were are a very outdoorsy family. We love being immersed in nature’s goodness which ultimately means wrapping ourselves in God’s beautiful creation. We love to hike in the woods, camp under the stars, and dig our hands in the dirt. Camping embodies all of this. I grew up camping so it means even more to me. It is a connection to my childhood and stirs so many amazing memories within me.

Now we are the parents and want to share that with our small army. And we want to do it NOW. Not when they are “older” or when they can appreciate it or enjoy it more or when it’s easier for us. NOW. Because ultimately #nowisNOW and why wait?

We almost fell into that rabbit hole of thinking last year. We took almost an entire year off from camping, albeit I was pregnant for most of that year, but still. We were in between having our old pop up camper and dreaming toward a bit larger rig for our growing family, and we put it off. WHY? Because of indecision. We didn’t (and still don’t) know what type/size of camper to get. We didn’t (and still don’t) know how much we wanted to spend on it. We even thought about replacing the van to pull it. And in confusion of the flow chart of “what about this” we didn’t step forward in anyway to make it happen. And that sucks.

Then we snapped out of it. We decided that while we wait on our decision, our budget and God’s blessing on a (quite large) purchase we wouldn’t just stop dead in our tracks. We would enjoy camping with our family and make it AWESOME until we had a clearer picture of what we should invest in. Because, in the end, the memories aren’t dependent on what kind/size of camper we get or the features it has in it. It is ONLY dependent that we GO and make those memories together.

Who else is a camping/hiking/nature family? How do you make it work?

If you’re interested in seeing what we ended up getting to use until we decide about campers, here a video that shows how we are going to get 10 people comfortably in tents!

One thought on “Tent Camping with 10 People?

  1. I just found your vlog yesterday and am so glad I did! We are a big beautiful blended Ohio family of 8 (12, 12, 11, 6, 4 & 3). Last year was my first year homeschooling (unfortunately we can’t homeschool all the kids). Our plan is to road school as much as we can. We have a 2009 15-passenger Chevy 3500 van and pull a 2002 Salem 29bhss with it. In the past year alone, we’ve been to Harper’s Ferry (with stops at Flight 93 Memorial and Gettysburg), St. Louis and 8 stays at Ohio State Parks. We love camping and being outdoors. We try to avoid holidays and weekends as we like the campgrounds without a lot of people LOL. Night hikes are great and satellite watching is a nightly activity. Shower-flops are a must and lots of hand sanitizer! We always have the “bigs” help with the “littles” especially potty breaks. We’ve found some campgrounds have family shower rooms which are amazing! Have fun and can’t wait to see how it goes!

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