Ready to Get Started with Essential Oils?

There are 3 ways to shop:

First go to:

🍃 RETAIL – use the shop tab at the top of the page, choose your country and language and it will take you to the retail site. OR SAVE SOME MONEY AND JOIN👇🏼

🍃 WHOLESALE- use the Join & Save tab to enroll as a wholesale customer and take advantage of 25% off the retail price! Sign up for dōTERRA’s amazing LRP program and save up to 30% MORE. You can choose to purchase an enrollment kit that has our top selling oils already included (enrollment fee waived) or choose an enrollment pack ($35) and build your own kit by picking and choosing the oils you would like. No minimums.

🍃 WELLNESS ADVOCATE- join my team of amazing advocates from all over the world! I have an international team that is growing fast! As a wellness customer you get the same advantages as a wholesale customer but you’re eligible to earn commission, build a team, and gain access to amazing business support from one of the FASTED building teams in doTERRA!

💦 Whether you enroll as a wholesale customer or a wellness advocate there are options for every budget! You can purchase one of our awesome enrollment kits that include our top selling oils at a discount or pay a small fee ($35) and pick and choose the oils of your choice with no minimums💦

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are pure extracts from plants, they are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs and are nature’s defense mechanism for plants and cells. They are highly concentrated so a little goes a very long way and when used correctly they are a safe, effective, affordable alternative to many synthetic products/remedies.

Get Started

  • Step 1: CLICK HERE, enter your country and hit continue.
  • Step 2: Select “Wholesale Customer” or “Wellness Advocate” (can share/sell doTERRA – will get a free website to share with others) and then hit continue.  
  • Step 3: Input your contact and shipping info.
  • Step 4:  Select your wholesale starter kit (click here to see all the US starter kits, Canada starter kits, AU starter kits) or scroll down.
  • Step 5: Enter in your payment information and then hit “Process Order Now and Continue”


You will receive a confirmation email from doTERRA– you can log into your account right away to manage your orders.

Within 48 hours you will receive a welcome email from me that has a TON of helpful links including my private FB groups that are for my customers and wellness advocates!

I look forward to getting to know you more!







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