January’s Essential Oil Giveaway!!!

After announcing on YouTube and Instagram that I have become a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA I had such a positive and welcoming response. Those of you who follow my social media account most likely know that a friend gifted me with some oils and a book, The Essential Life when she found out I was dabbling. I was blown away that these oils actually DID something (other than smell pretty). I honestly thought the oil thing was bit weird and I was a real skeptic. Until….

  • Cypress would actually take a nap without having to be held and would SLEEP after being laid down…
  • My ADHD kids were able to calm their minds a bit…
  • I calmed the WORST postpartum hormone shift I ever had…
  • I was able to get rid of a pounding headache without medicine…

Surely, this was a coincidence, right. I tried to convince myself that, but it was undeniably these weird little vials of oils that had started cluttering up my table that had ACTUALLY WORKED!

I am not sure I would have ever tried this oil thing had I not gained the wisdom from the Essential Life book or had a friend lovingly GIFT me some of doTERRA‘s top oils to use with my family. So, because of her generosity, I am offering a MAJOR giveaway to pay it forward! I am giving someone:


One person will be getting

  • 12 OILS! (a different oil for every month of 2017)
  • The Essential Life book which is an EXTENSIVE resource for using essential oils
  • AND a wholesale membership to doTERRA that will save you 25% off retail prices


To win you must:

  • Not already be a wholesale customer or wellness advocate for doTERRA
  • Click this link which will take you to my Facebook post
  • Tag someone in the giveaway post
  • Like the post
  • SHARE the post on your facebook page (make sure its a public share)
  • MAKE SURE you also join my Farmhouse Oils VIP Page on Facebook because the winner will be announced THERE on JAN 31st!




5 thoughts on “January’s Essential Oil Giveaway!!!

    • Plain diluted lavender. It has been the only thing that has helped him stay asleep after I transfer him from nursing to laying down on his own.

      • Thanks so much! Just FYI… I used the oil last night, and……… it worked! My 9 month old (baby #3) was the PERFECT sleeper until she started teething at 4 months and it has been a major struggle since. Recently it has been going something like this… nurse at 7:30pm, down in crib by about 8:15, awake again sometime between 9:30-11:30, awake again about 12:30, awake again 2am, awake again 4am – nurse & back down and then awake for the day about 7:15 (each time taking about 45 mins to get her back into her crib, sleeping). Whew! I have tried every “natural” remedy I could find, to include homeopathic suggestions – nothing was working. Until last night… I put 3 drops of lavender EO in about 1TBS almond oil and rubbed some on the bottom of her feet, behind her ears & on her chest and then I rubbed some on my chest. I also put a dab on my finger and rubbed it on her sheets. She nursed as usual about 7:30, asleep in crib by 8:15ish, awake about 2:30 (back to sleep in crib in about 15 mins) and then I had to wake her about 4am to nurse. She nursed and went right back to crib, sleeping. Yay!!! Maybe it was just a fluke??? But as of right now, I am totally sold on this essential oil thing! Thanks so much for your help & suggestions!
        BTW – I have never commented on a forum like this, but I felt compelled to share my experience just in case there’s another mama out there (like me!!) looking for some hope and a suggestion to try!

        • That’s AWESOME! I really didn’t want to believe at first either, but it become hard to deny. I love lavender for Cypress.

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