Friday Viewer FAQ 7-8-2016

I started doing these FAQ segments a month or two ago and they are a really fun way of getting to answer your questions! The questions topics range from one end of the spectrum to the other. Here are a list of what is covered in this week’s Friday FAQ:

  • Would I allow kids to hang out with friends that are not Christians?
  • Tips for getting a toddler to allow you to brush their teeth
  • What is my ethnic background?
  • What insurance do we have?
  • What do we drive? (Van tour linked)
  • How difficult was it planting in our B2E garden?
  • How do I maintain a personal relationship with each of my kids?
  • How do I deal with toy/messes? (house tour linked)
  • How do handle a new baby without feeling like I am neglecting the other kids?
  • What is my approach on late talkers?
  • How have I handled negativity about nursing in public?
  • Would I consider tubal ligation?
  • Will we have more kids? (Birth control convictions video linked)
  • What do the kids do while I am in labor?
  • How do I maintain patience while homeschooling?
  • How have I trained my kids to sleep through the night?
  • Does my extended family help with the kids?
  • What are my thoughts on medicating ADHD?
  • What is my least favorite homemaking duty?
  • Am I an extrovert or introvert?
  • Do I take any supplements after I have a baby to restore my body?
  • What is my method for disciplining toddlers?
  • Are my kids allowed to go to the movies/events with other kids?

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