Encouragement to Mom’s in an Overly Critical Culture

With the aftermath of any tragic news story involving a child I feel like every single parenting decision falls under a highly critical lens of public opinion. Instead of rallying around parents in the aftermath of a tragedy we lie in wait ready to attack every minuscule parenting decision they have every made and then ascertain why it certainly led to the tragedy that ensued and how it could have been avoided if the parents where only more like themselves – perfect.

The fact of the matter is we live in a fallen world and some accidents are just that – ACCIDENTS. Some with favorable outcomes. Some with life changing and gruesome outcomes. And in most cases the parents didn’t intend or foresee the harm that crept in and engulfed their family.

Imagine if we surrounded and supported families in their time of need. Imagine if we were confident enough in our own choices that we didn’t feel the need to pick apart others’ choices. Imagine that instead of looking down our noses on top of our high horse in our glass house we stepped out in love and showed those grieving families compassion and transparency. What if we let them know that we are not perfect either. We have all made mistakes and even small ones made within the perfect storm of events could have tragic outcomes. Most don’t, thankfully, but to some it is their constant reality. The stones thrown at people on a public, worldwide forum (internet – thrown mostly by those that DO NOT have all the facts) for any real or perceived lapse in judgement is a hail storm of evil like no other. And NOTHING is safe. The size of our family or lack there of. Our choice on how to birth our baby. Our choice on how to nourish our baby. Our choice on WHERE to feed our baby. On what sunscreens to use on them, where they should sleep, how they should sleep, when solid food gets introduced, when to allow them to use a public bathroom alone, how to educate them, when to front face them in an automobile, how long to keep them in a booster, whether or not to use kiddie-leashes, whether or not to feed them added sugars, or GMO’s or additives or food coloring. THE LIST IS ENDLESS and most decisions that we pick apart are superficial like these!

I am ready for moms to start rallying and becoming the voice of ENCOURAGEMENT to other moms. To inspire moms to share their lives, experiences and struggles with others instead of having everyone so scared to have REAL, RAW relationships in fear of being shamed by others for perceived “parenting fails”.

I made this video a couple of weeks ago and I hope it blesses you in your parenting journey!


4 thoughts on “Encouragement to Mom’s in an Overly Critical Culture

  1. Your videos have encouraged me, uplifted me, taught me, and helped me soooo much! You and your family are in my prayer journal. I am so thankful that He equipped you to be the organized Mom and homemaker that you are, and blessed you with all of your children because your experiences and wisdom has benefited me, a complete stranger, so much! Please keep blogging, vlogging, and sharing your experiences and ways that you handle life, homeschooling, and raising children because you’re helping so many. We all wait patiently for your updates, and in the mean time, watch your videos over and over. Your recipes have also helped me out tremendously as well. I just can’t say thank you enough, I hope you’re loving this time with Cypress (Spelling?) and that you all had a great Christmas.
    Love in Christ, Autumn from Iowa.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words! Like honey to my heart, I tell you. Pure honey. (Proverbs 16:24). I am SO enjoying our sweet time with our little dude! I am falling head over heels for him everyday!

  2. This is SO good. So so good. You are clearly very mature in your walk with Jesus and are led by the HS. I can see why so many people look up to you and want to know about your parenting style! You are a light! Keep shining!!

  3. Nikki, I am one of your subscribers on youtube and while I was watching someone elses pregnancy video I saw this ,well it looked like you but it was someone elses channel I dont know how all of this works but your voice is distorted on it and I thought you would need to know. It doesnt have anything wrong on this one but was not about to go look at any other of the persons videos. And I tried to find a contact to you and couldn’t find it so thought I would send it to you here. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ovL8xG_nEnU#

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