Large Family Grocery Haul


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Please remember in this (and other) food hauls that each family’s diet and lifestyle is unique. Please be understanding that what is best for one family (dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO, organic, vegetarian, etc) is not always best for every family.  Also note that the contents of each haul may not be the ONLY thing that particular family is eating. A lot of people buy fresh produce at farmers markets, grow it in their own garden or take from a stock pile of canned food in their pantries to supplement their purchased items. For some reason food choices and diets have become sacred ground on the internet and opinions are cast out like deadly judgement stones. We are all trying to do what is best for our individual families with what we have. Please be graceful and kind in the comments to one another.

This was my haul from Walmart last night. I purchased a lot of non-food items that drove the price up a little bit, but I also didn’t have to purchase too many veggies and meat which probably negated that. We had several meals worth of meat and veggies here at home so this was a scant week in those areas.

Total: $256.91

And the price breakdown in the receipt below.


6 thoughts on “Large Family Grocery Haul

  1. What is your routine with making meals? Do you cook it all in one day or do you cook every meal separately? How do you manage cooking lunch in the middle of homeschool?

    • I usually cook each meal on the day we will eat it with the exception of once in a while I will double something and freeze it for a later date. For lunch I usually keep it simple. Our goal is to be done with morning school by 11 and I usually start lunch prep about 11:30-12 and eat around 12-12:30.

  2. There is something so encouraging to see another mama doing her best to feed her family on a budget. Each time you post a vlog or something related to grocery shopping I enjoying watching! Baby Daniel in the high chair is so cute. I too have a toddler who eats all the time. Gotta keep em fed and happy

    • Aldi’s and Walmart in our area had somewhat of a price war and it drove the price down! YAY! it is normally around $3.00 a gallon. I got it this week for $1.09 which is still very cheap!

      • I came across your site through a curricula video you posted on YouTube. I just gave birth to our 7th baby 2 months ago. Its refreshing to see another family make it all work. Actually I’m in South Florida and Walgreen’s usually has the cheapest milk at about $2.09 to $2.99 per gallon. Thank you for sharing.

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