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Many of the following links are to Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus. The AMAZING momma that runs this site give these PDF forms, calendars, covers and planners out to people for FREE so go over there and give her some LOVE! I absolutely adore her site and have used her covers, calendars and goal sheets for a couple of years now!

Resources for printing your own planner:

My cover

Other BEAUTIFUL front and back covers

planner title page

6 child planner with weekly independent and daily group studies

Planning pages – 4 day weeks

Planning pages – 5 day weeks

Calendars page

Goals Page

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Binding Machine





9 thoughts on “Homeschool Planning Book

  1. Hi! Thank you for posting such a thorough explanation on how you plan! I do have a question for you…. does the binding on your planner stay closed/tight thru the year? I’m wondering if it would hold up to kids using it daily. And, on Amazon it says it binds up to 85 pages. Have you found that to be true? Or can you use more? I’m confused on if I would just need a bigger spine if I want to bind something bigger? I’m so excited to find this binding machine because I’ve spent too much at the local copy store lately! Thank you for the recommendation!

    • I have never really counted the pages I put in it so I am not sure. They have always stayed closed for me sufficiently but I can see if you over stuff them how they would bulge a little.

  2. Hey Nicci I had another question for you. I know you said you used Sonlights list for read alouds and readers. How do you know which correspond to your Mystery of History since Sonlight doesn’t use that? I guess I just don’t know what questions to ask about books and stuff like that, which is why Sonlight appeals to me. But I like other stuff that are not included in Sonlight. Do you just decide like 1 or 2 pages everyday on like English or whatever? I like how you plan it out but don’t really know how to go about that. :-/ Thanks for any tips. 🙂

    • I look up the books I am interested in on Amazon and read their description. I then look at the table of contents for MOH and figure out what chapter they best fit with. So, for example, “Julius Caesar: Young Statesman” would fall under the chapter in MOH that teaches about Julius Caesar.

      As for English we do one lesson a day and I omit some lesson that they have already mastered in previous years or ones that I don’t want to teach for whatever reason. If my year is 36 weeks and we school 4 days a week I know I can fit in 144 lessons in the school year.

    • I also have an amazon store and I am trying to get if filled with the books I own and that I like. I am slowly adding more but I have quite a few already. The affiliate link is in my top menu bar under “Products I Love”

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