Shoe and Clothing Storage

Many of you voiced interest in peeking into our basement to view how we store our hand-me-down clothing and shoes. I think we have a pretty great system and it is working beautifully for us. A big selling point for any system for our home is the ease-of-use of it. If it isn’t easy to implement it WON’T. GET. DONE. That is just the cold, hard facts of it. Intricate organization systems aren’t worth the cardboard boxes that contain them if they aren’t implemented because it’s not user-friendly. So remember K.I.S.S. – Keep It Super Simple.

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Link for the boxes I showed in the video:

Shoe measuring devise that was shown in the video:

clothing Shoe organization

One thought on “Shoe and Clothing Storage

  1. I was in the process of putting shoes in boxes for my four kids (likely to be misplaced instead of used) when I found your shoe storage idea. Tape on the heel and displayed on a shelf doesn’t seem like that much of a life-altering change but now that it’s in place, u can hear angels singing! My youngest suddenly doesn’t fit in his shoes but I know exactly where his next ones are! Thank you for the ah ha moment!

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