2015-2016 Curriculum Haul

I am FINALLY done with not only making the decision of what to buy but the actual purchasing of those items as well. YAY! The 2015-2016 budget has been spent and now I am in the throes of PLANNING the aforementioned items so that I am not flying by the seat of my pants all year. Because that DOES NOT work for me.  I have to have a plan. A loose plan, albeit, but a plan nonetheless.homeschool haul1

This year’s budget was set at $1000 and I may end up going over a little.  BUT, to my defense, the items that threw me over my budget are one time purchases that will last for years and be used on 7 children over the course of the next 18 years. So, I am calling the extra $150 justified. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Remember that I am schooling FIVE children so don’t run away in complete terror if you are new to this homeschool thing.  Also, a LARGE amount was spent on books for our home library. That amount could easily be eliminated by substituting library books if you are looking to save money. For us though, the extra money is worth it as I believe books are an investment. Also, the logistics of me getting to the library consistently only lasts a few weeks into a school year before I start procrastinating. Which leads to missing books I had planned. Which leads to having to rearrange a schedule. Which leads to making a new schedule.  Which leads to headache. I am not a fan of unnecessary headaches.

Without further ado:

My Budget List:

(I have added links if you would like to take a look at the places I purchased these)

Amazon (literature, atlases, bibles, resource books): $269.14

Mystery of History (Ancient and Bible history) $50.56

Institute for Excellence in Writing (LA) $276.00

Math U See (math) $51.73

Christianbook.com (Spelling, Math) $206.86

Gravitas Publications (Science) $103.22

Yet to Purchase: Rosetta Stone:French: $200 (estimated)

Grand Total: $1157.51

$1157.51/5 kids = $231.50 per child

If you would like to see what exactly what I purchased at each website here is the curriculum haul video I made to show everyone what we got for our money.

8 thoughts on “2015-2016 Curriculum Haul

  1. Are you considering duolingo for French instead of Rosetta Stone? Its free and has rave reviews. I am reading/writing and speaking French at a B2 level (on the European fluency scale) using the application. It is very user friendly and there is a version for educators (which isn’t free).

    • YES!!! Someone commented about it on IG and it is AWESOME! I am using it instead of Rosetta Stone! Thanks for the heads up! I LOVE MY SUBS, you guys rock!!!

  2. How do you do your grading? If the state was to come in and say we want to see your grades and records what would you do? Next question how long do you do a phonics program? I have been homeschooling my four boys for three years. One of mine just isn’t liking anything and he is making it harder for his younger brother to want do any school work. We were doing Christian Liberty Academy homeschooling classes. But my youngest is still struggling in reading. Just looking at some other ideas to do with him. He is only seven. So still have time.
    Thank you,
    JENNIFER Petty

    • I don’t have to turn grades in to anyone. In our state (IL) it is the same as a private school. Basically the government has nothing to do with it.

      I use a phonics program for however long they need it. Once they are reading fluently on their own then they just start reading good quality literature. I have them read out loud to me several times a week to begin with to make sure they are getting it. After than I check in about once a week to see if they are comprehending the books they are reading. My dyslexic son was in 2nd grade before he could really read fluently. Most of my kids were about first grade when I stopped phonic instruction and they moved on to early chapter books. My oldest daughter was pounding out early chapter books in Kindergarten easily. This goes to say the each child is uniquely different so it’s best to tailor the length of phonetic instruction to fit their needs.

  3. This will be my first year homeschooling 2 kiddos. I’m curious as to how the “Mystery of History” would work for a 2nd and Kindergartner? Have you used it for your younger kiddos?

    • This is our first year using it. I purchased the Volume 4 but it was delayed and didn’t come until the middle of our school year so I went with SOTW while we waited and ended up finishing out the year with it. SOO… this is our transition year form SOTW to MOH! I am excited! I’ll do a post soon to let everyone know how I like it.

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