Mom and Dad’s Place

Back in February I instragramed this photo:



My parents bought a sweet little red farmhouse that had sat empty for years.

The one RIGHT next to us… as in a hop, a skip and, quite possibly, not even a jump away from us!

This old four square a few hundred feet from our home once belonged to our neighbors who became dear friends. We were so sad to see them go. They had become almost family and I still miss their everyday presence from our lives. But God moved them onward and there sat their little red farmhouse. Built in the early 1900’s and solid as a brick-you-know-what-house. It had a few outbuildings that accompanied it and a GORGEOUS Georgian basement topped with a wrap around porch.

It finally went up for auction in February and my parents literally STOLE it. I am so happy the did. It has been such a blessing to be just a short walk from my parents and the kids are enjoying being able to visit “Gramma and Papa” easily.

IMG_4238{To Grandmother’s house we go… literally!}

So here’s a little video footage on our trip to grandmother’s house:

2 thoughts on “Mom and Dad’s Place

  1. My children are drooling over your garden and trees. My oldest son even said he would help you eat your pickles (he wont touch plain cucumbers but devours pickles). We had quite a few disruptions this spring so we couldn’t get our real garden in this year and we all miss it, we have plenty of garlic and onions though lol.

    • We took a year off last year. Our first year off since we moved out here. I missed it a lot too. Especially during harvest season when I was looking at all the fresh produce at the farmers markets… BUT it did make me appreciate it all the more this year so it was a blessing.

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