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I have had a few people asking me to post my recipe doubling guide in an easier format. I am pretty sure that now that I am using WordPress I can do so… So here goes nothing:


For those of you who don’t know what this AMAZING piece of paper is, BRACE YOURSELF! 😉 It takes a measurement of something and then shows you what it is if you want to double your recipe…  UP TO 6X’s!!! So say you have a wonderful muffin recipe that yields 1 dozen but you have a bajillion kids like me and need 6 dozen. Well, you just look at the “6 column”. Which saves you from having to convert 23 ingredients x6 while 3 kids are begging to lick the spoon, 2 kids are hanging from the pot rack, 1 kid is eating dog food off the floor and yet 2 more have dumped the entire 25 pound bag of flour onto the kitchen floor and are proceeding to make indoor snow angels. Not that has EVER happened in this quaint and quiet abode…cough, cough. Which will save you from ruining 72 muffins because you forget to sextuple the baking powder amount. Again, not that this has ever happened in real life. Totally hypothetically, of course!

For example if you need to use 3 T of cinnamon in one batch you would need 1 cup + 2 T in 6 batches.

Seriously, it’s life changing I tell you. Life. Changing.

Especially if you’re a larger family and double (or triple or quadruple) EVERYTHING.

13 thoughts on “Recipe Doubling Guide

  1. Love the new site! Need the alfredo recipe:-) found the new site while looking for the sauce recipe for dinner:-) hope your having a busy spring like us-bring on garden weather!!!

    • I will be including it in my “Dinner Bell” cook book which I hope to start work on after my “Baking the Basics” one is done. I moved my site and unfortunately because one was WordPress and one was not NONE of my posts were able to be transferred… TECHNOLOGY! Grrrr…..

  2. The new blog layout looks great, but how am I supposed to make dinner without your broccoli cheese soup recipe??!! 🙂 I guess if I had put together a nice recipe binder like you have I wouldn’t be having this problem. lol Thanks for all you do! 🙂

    • I am hoping to be moving recipes soon. I have run into some MAJOR glitches with my old site… UGH… Technology.

  3. I just found your blog via youtube and it is great and so helpful! Have you done a post or video on buying in bulk? I am due with #6 in January and I dont do much in bulk but am thinking about itt so I was wondering if you had any thought or tips for starting out. Thanks

  4. I have a bread question. I use your youtube recipe and it tastes great, but it just isn’t very most and it kind of gets crumbly went I try to make sandwiches. Now I have cut the recipe in half and let it raise longer, it helped a little, but I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Have any thoughts? My family still eats it and when I make my famous pizza bread everyone loves it! Thanks again your post are so funny!

    • Longer rise times helps but you don’t want to let them rise too much or they will fall when they hit the oven’s heat and be a bit too dense. The texture is a part of homemade bread. It will only last a couple of days and it will be much more crumbly because it doesn’t have all the preservatives and foaming agents (google Azodicarbonamide! YUK!) that commercial bread has in it to make it airy.

  5. I love how you revitalized your blog back, but….I went to find your Nics Daily Bread recipe to try today and it’s gone. *picture me crying…if you knew what I looked like*. (Probably should have printed it um ….forever ago….but ya know…kids…life… 🙂 I know it’s on You Tube… I just don’t want to do math today. Thanks! Can’t wait for more blogs! Makes me want to fix my blog back up too!

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