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So I have made the decision to jump on the wordpress bandwagon and I am COMPLETELY over my head. But like most things in my life I will figure it out as I go.Β  I am planning on doing “Throwback Thursdays” and posting old blog posts from my previous blogs for you to enjoy and adding new blog posts (hopefully weekly). Bear with me as I get used to the new format!

20 thoughts on “Welcome to the NEW www.AFarmhouseFull.com

  1. Any chance you could email me your bread recipe? I just watched the video but would love it in written form. Especially the one for smaller pans? Thanks!

  2. I am sad…I was trying to find your pizza recipe and couldn’t find it. πŸ™ πŸ™ Please bring your recipes back!! I love making so much of your stuff….

  3. Love,love,love your pizza crust and pizza recipe. We are going to start having a pizza night every weekend. I am going to try your bread recipe and your foaming hand soap recipes next. Love your YouTube channel. All your kids make me want to have another baby but late forties might be to old!

  4. So much content already
    were you blogspot before? i personally found WordPress way easier and had much more to offer but it takes sometime to get used to it nevertheless. I’m glad you’re blogging. I love your YouTube channel and ig but reading is my prefer method of following. Btw, I’m loving your foaming soap hack… can’t believe i never tried it before. I’m currently using dish soap in my foaming bottle ad it’s what i had at hand.

  5. At what age did your children start reading? I know every child is different but I’m really worried about my 7yo. I feel he should be reading by know because my older two was at 5. I try not to compare them because he learns differently to them. As a mother I can’t help being concerned. I know he will eventually read I just gotta be patient but it’s difficult :/

    • My latest reader was my 3rd child. He is in 8 (9 in the late fall) and he is reading but not not chapter books yet. Last year he really struggled with fluency. While he was reading it wasn’t very fluent. And still he struggles more than most of my kids did at his age. He is dyslexic (although I haven’t had a professional diagnosis). He still sometimes writes mirror image and is a lefty by nature. I would say that at 7 I would make sure he is making progress. If there is NO PROGRESS I would be worried. Even if it is slow progress, it is progress. I have heard of other children really not picking up on reading until closer to 10 and beyond. Yes, it can be difficult, but at this point I would wait it out a bit. I would say that you are his mother and know him best. Trust your gut…

  6. Noooo………and yes! I was int he middle of reading old posts- I think i got to sep. 2011, and now I can’t read them πŸ™ SO I seriously hope those are somewhere, because between those and your youtube (which I LOVE by the way) I am learning a lot. Mom of six here, ages 14-newborn. Looking forward to NEW content too πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve started homeschooling my kids again this year. I have a 4th grader and two in k. I homeschooled my oldest for 6years. He is now in
    His second year of college. What’s your thoughts of teaching two in the same grade. My 7 yo was in k last year and really struggled. I don’t feel he is ready for first grade. My 5yo is ready for k but I won’t technically enroll him till he is six. I’m planning to teach them together. What’s your thought of this? Have you ever did this before? Looking forward to your new blog πŸ™‚

    • I am teaching my 2nd and 3rd grader together for most subjects (other than math). Grades levels are just a number and I wouldn’t get too hung up on what grade they are in. If it works for your family do it. What works for one family may not work for another. For us it works well as my 3rd grader is dyslexic and so he and my 2nd grader are in similar places learning to read. Also my 5th and 7th grader will be sharing a writing program and a grammar program this year as well. Both have a great foundation and are ready to move on so it will work well to work with them both at the same time. I will expect a bit more from my 7th grader, but nonetheless they will taught together.

    • ME TOO! I have neglected my blog because I haven’t wanted to take the time to learn wordpress…so here goes nothing, right? It may be a slow start but at least I am starting!

      • Would you mind sharing your blue color that you have in your house? I had it bookmarked I think, I should have written it down. Thanks!

        • Sure thing! I LOVE that blue! It called “Woodlawn Blue” by Benjamin Moore. It used to be a Pottery Barn color as well.

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